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Gabrielle Clemens

Vice President - Wealth Management
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™)
Wealth Advisor

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Boston, MA 02109

Widowhood and Divorce present special financial challenges. You need special financial advice.

Significant life changes, whether they are expected or not, present short term and long term financial challenges. The emotional and financial concerns that accompany widowhood and divorce require thoughtful, practical solutions designed specifically for you.

My practice is dedicated to working with individuals who are navigating through a divorce or adjusting to the death of a spouse, and their team of advisors. I work with my clients' attorneys, accountants, mediators, and collaborative professionals to provide clarity and transparency on critical financial issues as they surface. I will help you take control of your financial life by guiding you through my unique process by identifying and understanding your individual values and goals through learning about your life and wealth perspective. I work with you to create custom financial solutions and strategies by isolating and analyzing your needs, wants, and desires through a written financial plan. Once your financial plan is implemented, I monitor the economy, stock market, and your portfolio and recommend adjustments to rebalance and help protect your portfolio. My goal is to provide you with the tools to empower you to make important financial decisions around your current state of affairs and into the future. With the proper financial education and planning, you will be better equipped to make comprehensive and suitable decisions. I will take the time to understand your personal circumstances and work in partnership with you to develop a personalized financial strategy. Together, we can make informed, confident financial decisions.

As a Financial Advisor, my strongest assets are the relationships I’ve established with my clients. Drawing on my unique experience and knowledge, I offer personalized wealth management advice and service to help you develop a financial strategy tailored to your needs. This ensures I have a thorough understanding of your objectives and that you have realistic expectations and understand the risks and rewards inherent in your investments.










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