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At UBS, I understand what it takes to run a successful business–it begins with dedicated individuals inspired to be the best and achieve the best for their company.

That's why when it comes to providing the best solution to administering an equity compensation plan, it's more important than ever to choose the right business partner.

I deliver administration and participant support services that help you manage your plans with confidence. My goals are clear: improving your plan's flexibility and efficiency, while simplifying your daily involvement. I want your company's experience with us to be nothing less than exceptional.

It is important for participants to understand the role equity compensation plays in their overall wealth management and the decisions that may be appropriate for their circumstances. At UBS, I offer a fully integrated set of products and services to address the needs of plan participants and their families. For plan participants who choose to expand their relationship with UBS, our Advisors are available to provide the guidance and direction needed to address their most complex financial objectives.

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William F. Thoms

William F. "Will" Thoms, IV, CEP

Senior Vice President Wealth Management
Corporate Stock Benefit Consultant
Certified Equity Professional (CEP)

One Northbrook Place
5 Revere Drive
Northbrook, IL 60062

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