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Life may change and markets may rise and fall, but at the Berman-Gara Wealth Management Group, you can always count on us to be a rational voice with a steady hand to help you pursue your goals. As a multigenerational team, our advice is relevant to clients of any age. Each of us brings the perspective we’ve gained over time from our respective experience navigating every type of environment.

Whether you’re a physician expanding your practice, an executive hoping to retire within the next 10 years, or a not-for-profit seeking endowment oversight, we’ll work with you to provide the right advice, the right plan and the best strategy—beyond investing for pursuing those goals. We are passionate about taking care of you and your finances so you can confidently focus on the many other priorities in your life.

Our goals-based planning approach

We take a comprehensive approach to investment management. That’s why our relationship with you begins with an in-depth discussion that deepens our understanding of you, your needs and your priorities across all areas of your financial life.

We’ll talk about your personal goals, your family, the concerns that keep you awake at night and the legacy you hope to leave for your children and grandchildren. Through holistic financial planning, we can create a financial road map to help you:

  • Retire comfortably with an effective income plan
  • Lower portfolio volatility while enhancing returns
  • Reduce estate taxes
  • Improve insurance coverage
  • Structure assets across multiple generations
  • Educate your children on the responsibilities of inherited wealth
  • Address your liquidity needs

“We’ll talk about your personal goals, your family, the concerns that keep you awake at night.”

Balanced portfolio management focused on risk and reward

We are Senior Portfolio Managers in the UBS Portfolio Management Program. Our customized, discretionary asset allocations are informed by more than 75 years of collective investment experience over many market cycles.

Our balanced approach to building customized portfolios is based on our clients long term needs which includes a careful assessment of the potential risks involved. Based on your goals, comfort with risk and time frame, we tailor your strategy using our signature model portfolios.

“Our customized, discretionary asset allocations are informed by more than 75 years of collective investment experience managing assets through many market cycles.”

Relationships shaped by service, built on trust

The basis of our relationship is the personal connection we make with our clients. Our practice begins with a passion for helping make our clients’ lives better.

Here is what our clients have come to expect as we work together.

Consistent communication you can count on.
Building trust comes from having discussions about what’s most important to you. Our experience has shown that finances, often times, are only a part of the equation. Your confidence in us helps us focus on the entire equation which starts with a commitment to being there when you need us most.

Putting your best interests first.
As a team of discretionary portfolio managers, we have built our practice on doing what’s right for our clients. We manage the majority of our assets with a fiduciary approach. By consistently demonstrating a high level of integrity, we’ve enjoyed many long-term client relationships—some for 35 years and across generations.

Prudent portfolio management based on mitigating risk.
We focus on reducing risk through goals-based portfolio management. During volatile periods, knowing your assets are prudently managed, without emotion and sufficiently diversified can provide a sense of comfidence to not invest based on emotion.

Giving back to the community.
Our commitment to making a difference doesn’t stop with just our clients. We contribute to a number of charities including, but not limited to, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Coordinating Center, CancerCare, Abrams Hebrew Academy, and Dress for Success.

“We want to help you make the best decisions—based on solid information, not emotion—for your family and your future.”


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