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We recognize and appreciate the creativity, sacrifice, and frugality required to build substantial family wealth.

We believe every family, looking at the next generation, hopes to impart advantages that are more than just material and financial. Suitable investment advice is fundamental to our relationship. However, we look beyond investment philosophy to the even bigger vision: helping to preserve your family’s wealth, and sustaining your family’s legacy and values for generations to come.

Count on us to:

  • Understand your needs
  • Design thoughtful and tailored strategies for achieving your goals
  • Help manage, grow and protect your assets
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Be accountable


Understanding the needs of each generation
When we build a comprehensive financial plan, we start by listening and learning about you and your family. No matter what phase of life you are in or the complexity of your financial needs, we offer a flexible and disciplined process for building your plan.


Retirement and lifetime income planning
With a specialty in retirement income planning, our team can work with you to help protect your lifestyle and livelihood in retirement.

Liability management
We will work with you to find solutions to both sides of your balance sheet so you can get credit you can count on, whether you need securities-backed lending, a mortgage or a competitive credit card.

Insurance consulting and review
We view insurance as a tool to help protect your family’s assets, replace income, and create a legacy for future generations and philanthropic beneficiaries.

Investors rely more on financial planning to stay the course


Helping to protect your family’s future
Our team helps you navigate the intersection of family, business, finance and legacy by building planning strategies that serve current generations and yet flexible enough to meet the needs of future generations.


Trust and estate planning strategies
Your family’s financial security may depend not only on how you manage your wealth today, but also how you protect and preserve it for the future. Estate planning and personal trusts can help ensure ongoing management of your assets in the event of your death or disability, minimize or eliminate estate and transfer taxes, and protect your assets across generations.

A family governance framework
A clearly articulated, efficient family governance framework helps to focus investment decision making, as well as family legacy and business leadership succession.

A key focus on philanthropy
We’ll work with you and family members on a holistic philanthropic plan and participation process for the next generation. Our advice addresses tax-efficient investment strategies, your current charitable goals and contributions and access to local organizations.

Concern about outliving assets inhibits discussions about inheritance planning


Customized strategies focused on your priorities
With direct access to the global resources of UBS, we can help you plan for market uncertainty with timely perspectives, customized investment management and a fully integrated suite of financial solutions. We will work with you to provide tax-advantaged programs and appropriate investment strategies tailored to your needs.


Customized portfolio management
As active portfolio managers or by working with select money managers, our team builds custom portfolios from a broad array of investments that help match your objectives and risk preferences. Ongoing monitoring and review of your portfolio helps us track your investments and quickly adapt to changes in the markets or in your life.

Understanding risk
Through our comprehensive due diligence and planning process, we gain a deep understanding of your financial picture so we help balance your tolerance for risk with your family’s goals, growth and income needs. This allows us to craft an asset allocation that supports your financial plan and seeks to limit risk and lower volatility.

Open access. We are product agnostic
We provide advice on and access to an open platform of premium financial solutions both within and outside of UBS. This open architecture, along with a disciplined planning process, ensures my team develops customized strategies specific to your unique situation that are based on highly focused research.

Wealthy retirees are seeking portfolio growth


A specific focus on the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners
Our team will work closely together with you to create a comprehensive plan that includes your business transition goals and post-liquidity investment strategies. We help make sure you are positioned to accomplish everything that’s important to you, your family and your business.


Whether building or selling a business or transferring wealth, our experience and network helps us provide relevant planning strategies to entrepreneurs and business executives.

  • Impact of stock options (ISOs, NQSOs), RSUs, Founders Stock and QSBS
  • Pre-IPO planning
  • M & A planning
  • Benefit and compensation plans
  • Income and estate tax planning strategies
  • Concentrated stock management and diversification

Business owners are taking steps to grow their business


Communication on a deeper level
We bring together the boutique services of a dedicated team with the global resources of one of the world’s largest wealth management firms. Our team’s high-touch service helps to simplify your financial life by connecting you to the guidance and resources you need.


Proactive services
Our entire team is highly accessible, offering consistent communication, personal touch points and ongoing reviews. Proactive and attentive, we have built long-lasting relationship by offering robust service that anticipates your needs.

Support across your family
Families with significant wealth demand a flexible, customizable service platform. For those families who have accumulated considerable wealth and require an institutional approach to their complex needs, we offer a cost-effective alternative to starting your own family office. We also offer highly customized services to complement your existing infrastructure.

Bringing together the best resources
We are trusted by our clients to work directly with their accountants and estate attorneys. By working closely with your other advisors, as well as our network of UBS and outside financial experts, we can incorporate all perspectives into one integrated approach.










Creating your legacy

Creating a legacy that lasts

Planning for the lifestyle you want

Planning for the lifestyle you want