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At Family Wealth Management, the well-being of our Client Families is the cornerstone of our practice.  We appreciate working to understand a family's distinct value system & financial goals. We honor Family as the Foundation of our Business and our Life.  Our team intertwines the traditional values of the East Coast with the creativity of the West to provide optimal financial services to all members of our professional family.  In today's financial practice, it is essential to be able to bridge generations and geography so we strive to work across family generations to facilitate communication and cooperation. Together, we help families formulate a plan for a variety of future transitions.

Kurt B. Hoffman, CRPC®

First Vice President - Wealth Management
Wealth Advisor
Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®)

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With over 20 years of finance experience, I bring a diverse background to my Wealth Management Practice by holding a Bachelor's in Architecture and a Master's in Real Estate Development. As a former architectural designer, I have a strong appreciation of how all the pieces of your portfolio fit together. I work with multi-generational families and private foundations to create diverse portfolios to fit their unique and varied needs.

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Lisa Armacost

I feel the most satisfied and fulfilled when I am making a difference in someone else's life. I was educated as a synthetic chemist at Wesleyan and Yale Universities. As a PhD scientist, I was involved in biotech research where I had hopes of contributing to the creation of that life changing cure.  As the Co-Founder & President of a school foundation, I found great joy in working with other parents to raise funds to support our children's school. Now that I am in the financial services industry, I look for fulfillment through having a positive impact on our clients.   I utilize my focus and creativity to show our professional family that they are indeed valued & appreciated