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Our partnership with you forms the basis of all of our work together. In fact, we won't make decisions for you–we'll make them with you. That means we want your input. We'll listen closely when you share your priorities and concerns. Our discussions will help us provide guidance to help you gain control; weigh your next steps and create a course of action you can depend on.

To us, it all comes down to being your advocate–a partner who delivers advice that is relevant to your life and your financial success so you can embrace the future with confidence.

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GC Group Wealth Management

20 Pacifica
Suite 1500
Irvine, CA 92618


Anthony Daniel Guinane, CFP, CRPC

Senior Vice President Wealth Management
James Edward Chiate

Senior Vice President Wealth Management
Portfolio Manager
Wealth Advisor
Benjamin Christian Schroder

Senior Wealth Strategy Associate
Owen Joseph Galasso III

Senior Client Service Associate
Colleen Marie Saldana

Client Service Associate
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