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The Gunderson Embree Group Louise F. Gunderson, Jeffrey S. Embree, Nina L. Gunderson, Bryce N. Mandzuk, Nancy L. Chen, Samuel F. Nuber, Meghan G. Harrison

The Gunderson Embree Group






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True connections to make a difference in your life

Understanding all about you and what is important in your life is at the heart of our approach to giving you sound advice and managing your wealth. We help you paint a picture of your personal, professional and financial aspirations, so that we can see your objectives as clearly as you. Your vision of the goals you have for yourself and your family matters to us. We listen carefully to what you want to achieve and develop a connection with you that goes beyond just finances, so that we can protect your wealth and give you confidence in your financial future.

Louise Gunderson has been recognized as an industry leader.

Louise Gunderson has been consistently recognized nationwide as one of the Top 100 Women Financial Advisors by Barron’s and is one of the top-rated female advisors in the state of New York.










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