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Keady Foard Wealth Management Group

Now more than ever, to find the way to a secure financial future you need a sound wealth management plan. That's why we focus on taking a comprehensive view of your life to ensure we can give you the right insight and advice to create a personalized plan for your objectives.

With a variety of market and economic uncertainties that can affect your future, it's important to feel confident that the team you are working with understand the concerns you have today and can turn them into a long-term strategy for tomorrow.

With a detailed understanding of the complexities of wealth planning, we take on the responsibilities of preserving, protecting and managing your wealth to help you secure lasting financial success.

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Keady Foard Wealth Management Group

One Monarch Place
Suite 1400,
Springfield, MA 01144
855-251-3500 fax
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George C. Keady III
Senior Vice President - Investments
Portfolio Management Program, Financial Advisor
Portfolio Manager
Branch Manager
James Foard Jr.
Vice President - Investments
Peter Alminas
Financial Advisor
Lorena M. Dubois
Senior Registered Client Service Associate
Elaine M. Radowicz
Senior Client Service Associate
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