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Portfolio management involves a multitude of variables beyond simply client goals and market conditions. Disciplined portfolio management requires anticipating events and exploiting them. Economic, financial and quantitative analysis can help to identify opportunities, but tried-and tested approaches no longer guarantee easy returns. For one thing, the market environment has changed. Low growth and subdued economic conditions means that large dealers such as UBS that participate in a high portion of activity are especially well-positioned to benefit from proprietary trading and investing. Unorthodox monetary policies such as quantitative easing and zero to negative interest rates are influencing values much more heavily than in the past. Massive central bank purchases of currencies and financial assets -- rather than market demand --or fundamental economic principles are dictating prices and distorting risk-return relationships. Capital fleeing low or negative returns in advanced economies has flooded emerging markets, thus inflating their value. Now, disparate investments -- such as stocks and stocks behave similarly whether in "risk on" or "risk off" periods. Finally, behavioral elements are distorting risk-return relationships. Hedge fund managers are no less prone than any one else to "groupthink". Taking the consensus view and losing means that you were wrong. Taking the contrarian view and losing means they close your doors. Faced with limited opportunities, many hedge fund managers find it harder to find new strategies that haven't been exploited by others. This leads to "crowded trades" where hedge fund managers with identical positions are unable to exit these positions when conditions change and thus suffer losses. By utilizing UBS's proprietary research we are able to adapt to the above conditions and develop unique, customized models using a consultative approach.

Estate Planning

Thorough estate planning is one of the greatest gifts one can give to children, loved ones, and beneficiaries. The wealth manager has been given the opportunity and invitation to care for and understand the client on a confidence level often reserved for family. While money management requires a level of objectivity sometimes absent in familial relationships, the portfolio manager fills a key role at the family table in helping families to create and grow additional wealth, protect and preserve that wealth and plan for the distribution of that wealth in the most tax advantageous way during life and beyond.

Individual Retirement Planning

When evaluating all the available investment products and investing avenues, from fixed-income investments to equity products, the investment manager maintains a pulse on the long-term outlook while not neglecting the short-term. Similarly, when faced with investment changes, a thorough retirement planner considers not just a 401(k) rollover to another 401(k), but also weighs the benefits of a 401(k) rollover to a Traditional IRA, a defined benefit plan, or other retirement vehicles available. For Connecticut's executives of large corporations, we offer Employee Stock Option Plan guidance on tax efficient exercise, and for corporate insiders, we offer a dedicated 10b5-1 group comprised of plan administrators, traders and operations specialists helping satisfy diversification and liquidity needs.

Company Retirement Plans

As a business owner and plan fiduciary, ambiguity in retirement plan costs can cause concern. Research has shown that plan costs for the smaller end of the market tend to be higher, and you need a retirement plan provider that not only provides transparent pricing but has a fair and reasonable cost structure. With new Department of Fiduciary Rule set to begin implementation at the end of 2016 Our Retirement Plan Consulting Group can handle any size plan as 3(21) fiduciaries. Take advantage of our free plan analysis to be sure that your employees have access to the widest possible array of investment choices at the lowest possible cost. We offer all employees free consultation at any time to help them determine the best asset allocation for their needs, risk tolerance and life goals.

Investment & Wealth Management

While the concept and notion of asset allocation isn’t a recent event, the options available to the average investor have grown exponentially. While an increase of options is often perceived to be a good thing and a sign of progress, in some circumstances, an excess of options paralyzes some. The worst of this occurs when individuals neglect their money management responsibilities due to information overload coupled with lack of deciphering support. The factors driving markets today are complex and interrelated. Money managers operating within silos may not be able to properly gauge risk. Increasingly, markets are driven by political rather than economic or financial factors. With our agnostic approach to selection from over 10,000 money managers and mutual funds without regard to who the managers are we are able to develop superior, client-driven portfolios based on individual or institutional needs.

Retaining a Successful Portfolio Manager

Life isn’t static and neither is investing. Take for example, the mere concept of “retirement.” People are not only working longer, well into the golden years, but they’re doing so with sustained enjoyment and satisfaction. This is not to say that those who retire at the traditional age or earlier have made a mistake, it’s just worth noting these uncertainties regarding living factors when engaged in the planning process.

A successful financial advisor is able to personalize investment solutions, is performance driven, is committed to long-term relationship building, has access to industry-leading investment information, continues to seek industry training, has a strong commitment to ethics, and wishes to help others flourish financially. Unlike many firms and advisors that are product driven, we strive to build optimal portfolios without regard to who the managers are. Taking the opportunity to evaluate who is entrusted to fill the wealth management role is time well spent. Be thorough, be relentless, and be excited about the opportunities that await.


My team and I work extensively with CPA's and their clients in the areas of wealth and estate planning education. For more than 10 years, my team and I have sponsored over 100 full-day CPA Continuing Professional Education seminars to keep CPA's updated on the latest Connecticut individual and business tax laws and new State of Connecticut/national estate planning regulations and strategies. For further information on our UBS/Quinnipiac University Semiannual Tax Conference, please see our 'events' page.


Elma L. Dunn, CRPC

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Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®)
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     As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor I specialize in helping retirees and people transitioning from their working years to their retirement years. I have extensive experience in asset allocation, fixed income planning and helping people transition their 401(k) assets upon retirement.

     I want to understand your history, the values that inspire you, and of course, know where you want your wealth to take you in retirement. With these insights, I will partner as your personal advocate to develop strategies that work in concert with one another to help fulfill your retirement goals and dreams.


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