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“It’s easy to make confident decisions when you’re guided by advice you can trust—advice that is centered on your goals and values.”

— Jonathan Penta

Achieving success together

With the complexity of today’s economy, The Penta Wealth Management Group offers you a distinctive approach to managing your wealth. Through our collaborative process, we work with you to learn about your goals and values and to tailor a plan that is specific to your situation.

Backed by the global resources and capabilities of UBS, we are able to offer you a comprehensive wealth management plan focused entirely on you and your family. We not only help you tackle the issues and challenges you face today, but also plan strategically for the future. We will help you explore opportunities to grow and protect what you have built over time while preparing you for any obstacles you may face along the way.

Six key wealth management questions

Clients tend to have similar concerns but what differentiates them from one another are the complexities of their financial situation. As a client of our group, your entire situation should be addressed: assets, liabilities, tax status, family dynamics, business partnerships, goals and values.

Below are six important questions that can help build the foundation of your comprehensive wealth management plan:

Tax planning strategies

Is my money working in the most effective and efficient way possible?

Retirement planning

Can I live the lifestyle I want during retirement?

Insurance planning

Is my family protected in the event of my death or disability?

Liability management

Do I have the most favorable financing terms for my liabilities?

College planning

How much will it cost to send my children or grandchildren to college?

Estate planning strategies

Is my current estate plan accomplishing my families’ legacy goals?

Comprehensive advice and guidance

By leveraging the expertise and global resources of UBS, The Penta Wealth Management Group is able to offer you a personalized consultative process that creates a foundation for your comprehensive wealth management plan.

We will help you identify, quantify and qualify all that is important to you in achieving your goals. By understanding your complex financial situation, we will provide you with the education, guidance and financial planning solutions to help:

  1. Maximize the efficiency of your hard-earned dollars
  2. Develop a savings strategy utilizing tax-efficient vehicles
  3. Offer you solutions to your borrowing needs
  4. Strategically manage your assets according to your risk tolerance and tax situation
  5. Ensure you, your family, and your wealth are protected
  6. Create a legacy of everything that’s important to you

Learn more about the various services used to create your fully integrated wealth management plan.

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Defining wealth management

As a client of The Penta Wealth Management Group and UBS, the technology to which you have access helps define the way we manage wealth, offer advice beyond your investments, and create trusted long-lasting relationships.


Management of all investment elements to maximize the probability of clients achieving what is important to them

  • Asset allocation
  • Risk evaluation
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
  • Investment approach
  • Wealth enhancement
  • Tax minimization
  • Liability management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Wealth transfer, inside or outside your family
  • Wealth protection
  • Risk mitigation
  • Legal structures
  • Insurance consulting
  • Charitable giving
  • Client relationship management
  • Collaboration with any advisors you wish to retain
  • Professional network relationship management
  • Team of carefully selected professionals, each with a high level of knowledge and expertise in key financial areas, such as legal, tax, and risk management
Your gateway to a network of professionals

Surrounding yourself with the right professionals is essential to ensuring your wealth management plan’s long-term success. Our team of professionals will collaborate on your behalf to help analyze and identify areas of concern that are applicable to your complex financial situation. We then coordinate the efforts to create a blueprint for success.

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