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At The Personal Wealth Management Group, our empathy and understanding have earned our clients’ lifelong trust and created strong bonds across generations of families. Our highly professional team offers planning and portfolio management focused entirely on you, your family and your business.

Beyond our comprehensive capabilities, we offer something even more valuable—a personal commitment to relationships that can be hard to find today in a world where productivity often comes before people. That’s why we’re dedicated to:

  • Helping you sustain your lifestyle in retirement through a comprehensive financial plan
  • Offering a dedicated process for simplifying your financial life
  • Building a tax-efficient legacy for those you love

Focus on financial planning

Integrating your entire financial world

Our goals-based approach to planning can help you see the connections between all aspects of your financial world, including insurance, banking, lending, trust and estate, and philanthropy.

What does a financial plan cover?
We look at all the areas of your family’s life—everything from retirement income planning to education funding, insurance and long-term care to legacy planning.

What about managing risk in my portfolio?
You need an asset allocation that supports your financial plan. We build custom portfolios that help balance your tolerance for risk with your family’s goals, growth and income needs.

What’s the potential impact on my taxes?
Aligned with your accountant, we create tax-efficient portfolios and construct highly customized family gifting solutions.

Retirement income strategies

Focusing on your retirement distribution

Entering retirement, many people fear the possibility of outliving their savings. Our protective strategies can help ease concerns about drawing your funds in retirement and preparing for unexpected expenses.

Will I generate enough income in retirement?
When we evaluate your potential retirement cash flow, we look at income sources and gaps, investment time horizon, your current asset allocation and how best to maximize your employer, Medicare and Social Security benefits.

What about insurance and the costs of healthcare?
We address the significance of rising healthcare costs and the importance of long-term care planning. We objectively analyze all your current insurance policies such as life, long-term care and disability income insurance to determine whether they meet your current and future needs.

What about estate planning and the impact on my taxes?
We offer estate planning strategies to help maximize what you pass on to your heirs. Through open and continuous dialogue with your tax professionals, we’ll prepare an integrated strategy.

Personalized investment management

Mitigating risk to help achieve your goals

Our advice is grounded in preserving wealth and explicitly matching your assets to your objectives. That's why we diversify your asset allocation to match your unique situation and comfort with risk.

How will you determine my proper asset allocation?
Through our comprehensive due diligence and planning process, we craft an asset allocation that stays true to your risk versus return objectives and maintains an opportunistic eye toward investments and changes in the market.

What about diversification?
By listening and aligning with your goals, we focus on strategies that help mitigate risk and build diversified portfolios across asset classes. To help protect your portfolio within an asset class, we take precautions to avoid excessive investment concentrations or positional risk.

How will you monitor and track performance?
As we implement your investment strategy, we communicate regularly and track performance, rebalancing and making adjustments for life changes and economic conditions.

A multigenerational team

Engaging each generation of your family

Our multigenerational team of professionals understands the connection between wealth and family. We’re committed to helping protect the financial independence of your entire family.

How will you work with my whole family?
We help you navigate the intersection of family, business, finance and legacy by building strategies that serve current generations, yet are flexible enough to meet the needs of future generations.

Can you help educate the next generation?
By offering financial education to each generation, we help address every family issue ranging from wealth transfer and preservation strategies to philanthropic pursuits.

What about philanthropy?
We’ll work with you and your family members on a holistic philanthropic plan and participation strategy for the next generation. Our advice addresses tax-efficient investment strategies, your current charitable goals and contributions and access to local organizations.

Personal service

Building long-lasting relationships

Thoughtful and accountable, we understand each client has a unique situation with diverse needs. With a full range of services, our aim is to be helpful in every aspect of your financial life.

What can I expect from your team?
We offer high-touch support that anticipates your needs and helps simplify your life. We bring together the boutique services of a dedicated team with the global resources of one of the world’s largest wealth management firms.

How often will I hear from you?
Responsive and attentive, our entire team provides a flexible communication plan specific to your schedule.

What about my other legal and tax advisors?
We work closely with your accountants, attorneys and trusted advisors, as well as our network of financial specialists within and outside UBS. That way, we can incorporate all perspectives into one integrated approach.










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