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“Our team gains a deep understanding of you and your family by listening closely and actively. We know there are real people behind the numbers and investments who are counting on us for the personal service that helps simplify their lives.”

— Michael Quaranta

Working with select Certified Public Accountants, business owners, entrepreneurs and affluent families, we help simplify the challenges that come with protecting, growing and transitioning wealth. We offer access to global resources to help manage your complex financial needs and a commitment to understanding your goals wherever you are in life.

Our broad network, thoughtful advice and deep industry experience helps ensure your independence throughout our long-term relationship. Through a highly personalized approach, we promise to help provide:

Multigenerational planning

A goals-based approach for long-term relationships

Managing your wealth goes beyond managing your money. By actively listening, we’ll discover what’s important to you and each generation of your family. We will work together to develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals, wherever you are in life.

  • A lifetime financial strategy. Our goals-based approach to planning can help you see the connections between each area of your financial world. By developing, adjusting and monitoring your plan, we strive to optimize your strategy to help ensure we keep pace with fluctuating markets, changing tax laws and your evolving family needs. Critical elements of our planning process include:
    – Retirement planning
    – Family needs planning
    – Credit and lending
    – Business succession planning
    – Executive compensation
    – Insurance and liability management
    – Estate planning considerations
  • Empowering smart financial decisions. We seek to go above and beyond to help you build a business plan for your personal life. This includes creating metrics to measure value and providing context for all important financial decision-making.
  • Safeguarding multigenerational wealth. As a multigenerational team, we understand the connections between wealth and family. We’re committed to helping each generation prepare for the responsibilities that come with significant wealth through education, advice and networking opportunities.
  • The resources you need. We are trusted by our clients to work directly with their accountants and estate attorneys, whether we’re helping with tax planning or advising on the most prudent strategies for building a legacy.

Working with CPAs

Integrated strategies from a dedicated process

We work with select CPA firms to help empower more productive relationships with their clients. We offer the back-office services of a virtual Family Office to enhance their capabilities and collaboratively offer access to global resources and solutions.

We can help CPAs stand out from the competition by offering a proprietary collaborative process that helps maximize efficiency and minimize risk.

  • Virtual Family Office services. Families with significant wealth demand a flexible, customizable service platform, along with a broad array of Family Office-like resources. We provide a dedicated solution to bridge the generations within a family in order to create continuity and deliver a structure that is focused on preserving wealth and creating opportunities.
  • Estate, philanthropy and taxes. As your clients look to plan their estate or build their legacy, our team will work with you to provide family members with education on philanthropy and participation strategies for the next generation. In that way, you care for future generations and charitable organizations with the least possible tax impact and expense.

Investment management

The perspective that drives informed solutions

We work closely with our clients to build tailored portfolios focused on asset allocation and risk management. We’ll help make sure you are prepared for opportunities and insulated in times of market turbulence.

Our direct access to global resources offers timely perspectives, customized investment planning and a fully integrated suite of financial solutions.

  • Insights for wise financial decisions. The collective wisdom of our team, along with the deep resources of UBS, helps ensure that diversification, independent due diligence, and risk monitoring form the foundation of your financial plan.
  • A focus on asset allocation. Our team works with you to determine an asset allocation strategy customized to your goals. We tailor your asset allocation, focusing on the investment mix that’s right for your situation.
  • Steady guidance for managing risk. By listening and aligning with your objectives, we focus on strategies that help mitigate risk. We communicate regularly and track performance, rebalancing and making adjustments for life changes and economic conditions.

Lasting relationships

A team approach that puts you and your family first

In today’s world, you need to understand how all the pieces of your complex life can affect your pursuit of important financial goals. Our integrated services can provide you with a clear and consistent approach to managing your wealth.

Our goal is to simplify your financial life with a clear and consistent approach to managing your wealth. We offer a full range of services because our aim is to be helpful in every aspect of your financial life.

  • We work for you. Our team always puts your needs first. Our service goes above and beyond the expected, offering a highly personalized experience that is responsive and flexible to your needs.
  • Personal client service. Clients rely on our client service team for a host of critical financial and administrative needs. Our entire team is highly accessible. We have built long-lasting relationships by offering robust services that proactively anticipate your needs.
  • A global leader. One of the largest wealth management firms across the globe, UBS is built on a 150-year tradition of serving generations of the world’s wealthiest individuals and families. This dynamic presence provides us with extensive reach and the advantage of the firm’s global perspective, insights and resources.


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