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“It’s the important things—our families, our values, the impact we have on others and the world—that help make life better and the future more hopeful. At the Arbor Group, this is our mission.”

For more than 20 years, we’ve specialized in sustainable and socially responsible portfolio management for affluent families, foundations, endowments and qualified UBS Financial Advisors across the United States. Seeking to deliver long-term performance, while helping you invest strategically and sustainably, brings our team immense satisfaction as we work together toward your most important goals.

Systemic client focus

We work to provide the best solutions for you
Our goal at UBS is to take the time to truly understand your needs, priorities and aspirations.

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Strategic and sustainable

We sustainably manage 12 distinct portfolio models through the Portfolio Management Program from conservative to aggressive. Our goal is to produce long-term performance above and beyond that of relevant benchmarks.

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Our commitment to conservation and community

Our conservation efforts
The Arbor Group is proud to have been selected as financial advisors for conservation trust funds, with clients in North America, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

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The Arbor Group Private Portfolios

Private portfolios are designed for growth and protection of your assets. All of the portfolios are subject to the same ESG screens, are fossil-fuel free and researched for low-carbon impact.

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