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The Arbor Group at UBS provides multi strategy, fee-based asset management for foundations, endowments and high net worth families. The Arbor Group Portfolio Management is part of the UBS Portfolio Management Program (PMP) and specializes in socially and environmentally responsible, globally diversified investments.

The Arbor Group is a member of UBS Institutional Consulting Services. Services include Investment Policy, Asset Allocation, Independent Manager Search, Performance Monitoring and Board Review. The Arbor Group works globally with conservation trust funds and endowments.

Upcoming Seminars: The Arbor Group Monthly Brownbag

The Arbor Group is now hosting a monthly economic overview lunch seminar every month. We will hold our "Brown Bag" economic lunch seminars on the third Thursday of every month. We will also host a "Green Bag" Socially Responsible Investment seminar once every quarter and will post detailed information on our seminar calendar.

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The Arbor Group

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John S. Adams, CFP, CIMA
Senior Vice President Wealth Management
Jason Hamlin, CIMA, CRPC
Vice President Wealth Management
Stephanie Keeton Honan, CFP
Vice President Wealth Management
Thomas K. "Tom" Mentele
Financial Advisor
Kristopher Bryan "Kris" Paschal
Financial Advisor
James Allen "Allen" Kent
Team Administrator
Thomas Aguirre
Senior Registered Client Service Associate
Deena Fuller, Sr.
Senior Registered Client Service Associate
Krystle Sumner McEntire
Wealth Strategy Associate
Laurie Shaye Paschal
Client Service Associate
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