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The Livaccari Shapiro Wealth Management Group

Our team pioneered our proprietary Entrepreneur's Total-Wealth Optimization Process (E.T.O.P.), which we utilize to provide a meaningfully differentiated value proposition to the small number of current and former successful entrepreneurs with whom we work. Through this process we are integrally involved in helping our clients with every issue that affects their wealth.

Our process evolved out of all the needs that my partner and I had when we were entrepreneurs in the 90s and couldn't find properly tailored advice from existing wealth management firms. This combined with having worked with several entrepreneurs pre and post their selling their companies has given us a unique and differentiated perspective and approach to advising entrepreneurs on all the issues they face.

This very comprehensive approach saves our clients' significant time and gives them a trusted point person that can help them to make the most thoughtful decisions so that they optimize their future financial success and can focus on the things about which they are most passionate.

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The Livaccari Shapiro Wealth Management Group

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Kenneth J. Shapiro, CRPC
Senior Vice President Wealth Management
Thomas Livaccari, CRPC, CFP
First Vice President Wealth Management
Daniel F. Barrett
Financial Advisor
Angela Loffredo
Client Service Associate
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