Exclusively serving the unique investment needs of non-profit organizations

The Sardana Group Arun Sardana, Adam Proger, Paul Grambsch, Reilly Loflin, Mia Tripodi, Lisa Marie Mifsud

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Reilly Loflin, Paul Grambsch, Mia Tripodi, Arun Sardana, Adam Proger, Lisa Mifsud

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Since 2002, The Sardana Group’s exclusive focus has been on serving the unique investment needs of foundations, endowments, associations and other non-profit organizations.

Our Investment Philosophy focuses on downside risk management which we believe is far more important than implementing investment strategies with outsized return potential. We achieve this by using creative and cost-effective investment solutions that seek to result in additional fee savings for our clients.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide confidence through the finest comprehensive consulting services, zero conflict of interest, acknowledged fiduciary responsibility, prudent risk management and proactive and responsive service – all in a completely transparent fashion.

With over $2 Billion in assets under management, The Sardana Group combines the advantages of a dedicated “boutique” structure with the resources and depth of a major global firm.

Arun Sardana has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Barron's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2018

What we seek to deliver

Non-profit Institutional Consulting Services

Our institutional consulting services specific to non-profit clients is concentrated in four primary areas:

Investment Policy Planning Assistance

Developing a comprehensive Investment Policy is a critical step in the investment management process. Each organization is unique and we have a great deal of experience helping clients design Investment Policies that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Asset Allocation Analysis and Research

This service provides periodic asset allocation analysis using asset allocation studies of your managed investments. Return objectives and risk profiles will be used to evaluate the optimum asset class mix for your specific objectives.

Investment Strategy Identification

As part of our services, we will identify and recommend the investment strategies that will be used to implement the agreed upon asset allocation. In addition to UBS’s proprietary database, our group subscribes to a variety of independent investment manager databases that provide information on thousands of investment strategies.

Ongoing Portfolio Evaluation and Review

This service provides periodic portfolio evaluation and review and analysis of your organization’s investment holdings on a quarterly basis. Our customized, visually-rich and easily digestible performance and portfolio reports enable ever-busy volunteers to discharge their fiduciary responsibilities in the most efficient manner possible.


Creating a lasting and positive impact

Creating a lasting and positive impact

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