Times may change. Commitments don't.

The Pottinger Chirogianis Group

The Focus Of Our Relationship
The personal relationship we have with each client is the strongest attribute of our practice. Each day we draw upon on our team's highly specialized training, UBS's extensive resources and our 40-plus years of combined experience - comprised of numerous stock market corrections and two economic recessions - to help our clients navigate every type of market environment.

Working with top Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and professionals has fortified our appreciation for the issues they face; issues which are obvious and, often times, those that are unforeseen prior to our analysis.

Our practice is planning based with a unique investment platform and a formalized service model to help ensure that all wealth management details are handled properly.

Suited for investors and families with assets of $2,000,000 and above.

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The Pottinger Chirogianis Group

98 San Jacinto Boulevard
Suite 600
Austin, TX 78701
512-474-7624 fax
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Sean A. Cusack
Senior Vice President – Wealth Management
Private Wealth Advisor
Joshua C. Pottinger, CIMA®
First Vice President – Wealth Management
Wealth Advisor
Senior Portfolio Manager
Jason Chirogianis
First Vice President – Wealth Management
Senior Portfolio Manager
Jennifer Rose Ward
Senior Client Service Associate
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