Professional Portfolio Management
There comes a time when many investors want to delegate responsibility for their investments to qualified professionals. That's when many turn to UBS for access to asset allocation, strategies and investments that suit their needs.

Your UBS Financial Advisor works with you to define an investment strategy based on your investing objectives, time frames, and comfort level with risk. You may choose from a variety of professionally managed investment programs.

With professional money management, you enjoy these important benefits:

  • The comfort of knowing your investments are professionally managed
  • Ongoing monitoring of outside managers by our investment professionals
  • Personalized asset allocation for your UBS-managed accounts
  • The services of a qualified UBS Financial Advisor, who guides you through the process and provides ongoing support
  • The flexibility to change with your evolving needs

For more information about additional features and risks regarding UBS Professional Portfolio Management, click on the Investment Solutions Disclosure tab on the left menu or contact a UBS Finacial Advisor.

UBS Strategic Advisor
UBS Strategic Advisor is a non-discretionary, wrap-fee advisory program designed to provide you with ongoing advice, guidance and flexibility with the simplicity of one annual asset-based fee.

Mutual Fund Advisory Program
UBS PACESM (Personalized Asset Consulting and Evaluation) – Your UBS Financial Advisor provides an asset allocation based on your investment objectives, preferences and tolerance for risk, and then helps you evaluate and select mutual funds for your portfolio.

Separately Managed Accounts
UBS ACCESSSM – Your UBS Financial Advisor works with you to select professional money managers to invest your assets in separately managed accounts based on your investment goals and tolerance for risk.

Portfolio Management Program
Your UBS Financial Advisor acts as the investment manager to your advisory account, with discretion to buy and sell the securities in your account.

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