Plan for Sustainable Income; DonŽt outlive your assets
Addressing the Risk of Outliving Your Assets
While many retirees work during this time, others engage in different pursuits and fulfill the dreams they have harbored all their lives.

For assistance pursuing your unique retirement objectives, contact your Financial Advisor about:
  • Articulating your vision of retirement. He or she may ask you to complete a questionnaire that will help you determine how much income your new lifestyle will require.
  • Quantifying retirement expenses, including basic day-to-day expenses such as mortgage payments, lifestyle enhancement expenses like club memberships and travel, and event expenses such as purchasing a vacation home or leaving a meaningful legacy to family members or a charitable organization.
  • Identifying sources of income available to you, including Social Security, pension payments and possible income from trusts, property ownership or employment.
  • Measuring gaps between projected expenses and income.

Once you understand where the gaps are, you can begin to determine how much youŽll have to withdraw from your retirement assets each year to fill them.

Many financial professionals believe that retirees should withdraw no more than 4% of their assets each year in order to avoid depleting them over time.1 But withdrawal rates are only part of the equation. The amount your assets are earning in investment returns is another. And yet another consideration is how much risk youŽre willing to assume to generate those returns.

Does this mean youŽll have to adjust your lifestyle to sustain your assets?

Your UBS Financial Advisor can help you understand where you are and what alternatives are available to you. He or she can also help you reallocate assets to work toward your retirement income needs while taking into account your risk tolerance.

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