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UBS ranks third in Barron's list with 139 Financial Advisors included in the overall "Top 1,000" and ranks fourth on the "Number 1 rankings by state" with five Financial Advisors.

This award is given every year to acknowledge Advisors who have demonstrated not only exceptional professionalism and performance but also outstanding client service and community involvement.

Wealth Management Americas CEO Bob McCann said, "This outstanding achievement underscores the great work these Advisors do for clients every day, and this distinction reflects positively on the entire firm. On behalf of everyone at UBS, I would like to thank all of our Financial Advisors recognized by Barron's today."

Here are the UBS Financial Advisors who made the list:

Number 1 Financial Advisors in their State
Andy Burish – Madison, Wisconsin
Benjamin Clark – Portland, Maine
Michael Jefferies – Kansas City, Missouri
Edmund Nasief – Louisville, Kentucky
Ira Walker – Red Bank, New Jersey

UBS Financial Advisors named to the Barron's "Top 1,000" List (by state)

Financial Advisor City State
Jerry Duncan Birmingham AL
Tony Smith Birmingham AL
Henry J. Goodspeed Little Rock AR
Susan Bailey Scottsdale AZ
Anthony Bebbington Phoenix AZ
Michael Bell Phoenix AZ
Robert "Bob" Moore Phoenix AZ
Cameron Beck Sacramento CA
Michael Evans San Francisco CA
Marc Foster Newport Beach CA
Mark Friedman San Francisco CA
Greg Fullmer Los Angeles CA
David Jasper San Francisco CA
Ed Levin Newport Beach CA
Steven Levine Los Angeles CA
Sid Miramontes Brea CA
Joseph Schirripa Beverly Hills CA
Brian Sharpes Walnut Creek CA
Katie Snodgrass Menlo Park CA
Mike Thompson Irvine CA
Clayton Hartman Fort Collins CO
Timothy Kneen Denver CO
Maurice Nissim Denver CO
Terry Nugent Denver CO
William Greco Hartfod CT
Lawrence Haertel Greenwich CT
Thomas Lips Hartford CT
Mark Rousseau Hartford CT
Peter Skaperdas Stamford CT
Barry Haffner Washington DC
Neil Kishter Washington DC
Victor Roy Washington DC
Jonathan B. Awad Ponte Vedra Beach FL
Kevin Lane Cooper Boca Raton FL
Chris Garvin Fort Lauderdale FL
Ghislain Gouraige Coral Gables FL
Jared Kaplan Coral Gables FL
Richard Marcatos Clearwater FL
Thomas Smith Palm Beach Gardens FL
Kurt Sylvia Palm Beach FL
Conley Thornhill Winter Haven FL
W. Earle Dodd III Atlanta GA
Keith Mericka Atlanta GA
Van Price Atlanta GA
Roland Pritchett Atlanta GA
Mark Rosenberg Atlanta GA
Allen Wright Atlanta GA
Bruce Davidson Boise ID
Ted Davis Oakbrook Terrace IL
Jay Maltby Chicago IL
Louis Paster Chicago IL
Mark Schwartz Chicago IL
Paul Tashima Chicago IL
Jonathan Klausner Indianapolis IN
Dean Smith Wichita KS
John Cunningham Louisville KY
Robert P. Schneider Louisville KY
Mark Switow Louisville KY
Rob Bickham New Orleans LA
William Capell Lafayette LA
Rick Frayard New Orleans LA
Laurence Knowlton Boston MA
Maxwell Peckler Boston MA
William Sullivan Boston MA
Jeff Leventhal Bethesda MD
Jonathan Murray Hunt Valley MD
David Boor Farmington Hills MI
Louis Close Minneapolis MN
Charles Major Minneapolis MN
Tom Freeman Kansas City MO
Bud King St. Louis MO
Richard Mistler Kansas City MO
David Stensrud Billings MT
Jason Dworak Lincoln NE
Andrew Robinson Omaha NE
Tim Donnelly Red Bank NJ
Arthur Martin Princeton NJ
L. Marc Shegoski Princeton NJ
Gary Tantleff Bedminster NJ
John Vazquez Santa Fe NM
Rich Abrams New York City NY
Douglas Braff New York City NY
William Einstein New York City NY
Harold Elish New York City NY
Christopher Errico New York City NY
John Fitzpatrick New York City NY
Joseph Gabriele New York City NY
Martin Halbfinger New York City NY
Jason Katz New York City NY
Daniel Kilmurray New York City NY
Howard Kramer New York City NY
Daniel Livingstone New York City NY
Ira Millman New York City NY
Michael Poppo New York City NY
Ron Vinder New York City NY
Jacqueline Willens New York City NY
Timothy Cornell Dayton OH
Charles Dankworth New Albany OH
David Ellis Cincinnati OH
William Grove Columbus OH
Dan Torbeck Cincinnati OH
Donald Jackson Tulsa OK
William Blount Portland OR
Robert Coussens Portland OR
James Hibbs Portland OR
Ahmie Baum Pittsburgh PA
Lewis Cohen Philadelphia PA
David Eisen Philadelphia PA
John Garvey Philadelphia PA
James Lowden Pittsburgh PA
James Rimmel Pittsburgh PA
Peter Strope Pittsburgh PA
John Wildemore Philadelphia PA
Robert Dicolo Providence RI
John Lynn Memphis TN
Mimi Wallace Nashville TN
David Aigner Houston TX
Gil Baumgarten Houston TX
David Harris Houston TX
Douglas John Dallas TX
J.D. Joyce Houston TX
Mark Kever Addison TX
Gregory Klenke Houston TX
Will Leven Houston TX
Elizabeth Lockwood Houston TX
Mark Moore Austin TX
Donald Peterson Dallas TX
Jan Pickle Austin TX
Scott Vehslage Addison TX
Barry Young Houston TX
Greg Golding Park City UT
W. Jeffrey Carlton Vienna VA
Terry Cook Bellevue WA
Michael Matthews Bellevue WA

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