UBS Bank USA comprises a team of professionals, dedicated to serving the deposit and borrowing needs of affluent and high-net-worth investors.

Senior officers at the Bank, with a total of 174 years of experience, include:

  • Allen G. Braithwaite III, Chief Executive Officer
  • George F. Coburn, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Julie M. Schleck, Chief Financial Officer
  • Steven Stewart, Chief Credit Officer
  • Jan M. Bergeson, Community Reinvestment Officer
  • John Shane, Chief Investment Officer-UBS BUSA Services, LLC. 
  • Richard Mumford, General Counsel
  • Don Hill, Compliance Officer & BSA Officer
  • Leeto Tlou, Bank Risk Officer

The Board of Directors of UBS Bank USA comprises the following members:

  • Rosemary T. Berkery, Chairman, UBS Bank USA
  • Allen G. Braithwaite III, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, UBS Bank USA
  • D. Gerald Searfoss, Professor Emeritus of Accounting, University of Utah
  • David R. Wilson, Retired, Executive Vice President, First Security Corporation
  • Gary J. Myers, Partner, Lake Hill & Myers, Certified Public Accountants
  • Karen F. Shepherd, Shepherd Investments

Please direct any correspondence to the following address:

299 South Main Street, Suite 2275
Salt Lake City, UT 84111