A Premier Fixed Credit Line is a loan that funds a personal or business need of $100,000 or more.

Our Premier Fixed Credit Line gives you the ability to lock in competitive interest rates for up to five years. A pledge of one or more of your eligible non-retirement, non-custodial accounts is required to make the borrowing power of your investment portfolios available.

How Premier Fixed Credit Line Works
Premier Fixed Credit Line is a separate loan account secured by a pledge of one or more of your eligible investment accounts. The amount of your Premier Fixed Credit Line is determined by many factors including the value of your securities portfolio. You must have enough collateral in your eligible investment accounts to support a minimum credit line of $100,000.

Interest rates can be locked in for up to five years using the UBS Bank USA Fixed Funding Rate as the reference rate. Interest is charged to your loan account and is payable to UBS Bank USA on the last day of each three-month period following the date of the fixed-rate loan. Because the loans are secured by investments in your investment portfolio, interest charges will generally be lower than unsecured forms of borrowing.

Client Considerations
Premier Fixed Credit Lines may not be used to purchase, trade or carry securities or to prepay debt (a) used to purchase, trade or carry securities, or (b) to any affiliate of UBS Bank USA. Additional limitations and availability may vary by state.  Prepayments of Premier Fixed Credit Line loans will be subject to an administrative fee and may result in a prepayment penalty. Premier Fixed Credit Lines are demand loans and are subject to credit approval and collateral maintenance requirements.  UBS Bank USA may demand the loan at any time without notice.

If the required collateral value is not maintained, UBS Bank USA can require you to post additional collateral, repay part or all of your loan, and/or sell your securities. Failure to promptly meet a request for additional collateral or repayment or other circumstances (e.g., a rapidly declining market) could cause UBS Bank USA to liquidate some or all of the collateral supporting the Premier Fixed Credit Line. Any required liquidations may interrupt your long-term investment strategies and may result in adverse tax consequences.


Neither UBS Bank USA nor UBS Financial Services Inc. provides legal or tax advice. You should consult your legal and tax advisors regarding the legal and tax implications of borrowing using securities as collateral for a loan. For a full discussion of the risks associated with borrowing using securities as collateral, please review the Loan Disclosure Statement that will be included in your application package.