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Some things in life we can’t control. But working together, we can create the experience you deserve.

Why do clients choose Adams Wealth Management? We have spent more than 30 years navigating nearly every type of market cycle. Given our comprehensive planning approach and disciplined investment management, they value our knowledge and understanding of the challenges they face each day as they work and plan for their future and the retirement they have earned.

Because we believe in the importance of community and giving back to the causes that are meaningful to all of us, many of our clients consider our team a part of their family. They know that we care about much more than business transactions—we’re here to help you prepare and invest for life. Whether you’re pursuing personal or professional milestones, we will always strive to be a stable and consistent source of solutions and answers to the questions that matter. We’re singularly focused on one goal: your financial well-being.


Are you prepared for the retirement you’ve earned?

Like the Ledge Lighthouse, we are a stable source of guidance for our clients.

Planning keeps you moving forward

No matter if you’re just starting out, entering your peak earning years or navigating retirement–it all begins with a plan. Your financial world extends beyond an investment portfolio–that’s why we’ll provide a plan for your banking, insurance and legacy goals.

Through holistic financial planning, we can help you:

  • Retire comfortably with the cash flow and income you need
  • Manage portfolio volatility while enhancing returns
  • Reduce estate taxes with a tax-efficient wealth transfer strategy
  • Improve insurance and other risk management solutions
  • Engage the next generation regarding their role in your family’s wealth plan
  • Address diverse liquidity needs

From those findings, we develop a more formalized plan and asset allocation based on your timeframe and comfort with risk—your custom roadmap for moving forward during each life stage. Whether you’re restructuring your portfolio or creating a more tax-efficient estate plan, we’ll “quarterback” with your other professional advisors to deliver one integrated approach and the right opportunities for your needs.

Portfolio management

As senior Advisors within UBS’s Portfolio Management Program (PMP), our customized approach reflects our focus on risk, diversification and asset allocation—and helping you protect all you’ve achieved.

If fact, that’s why we’ve earned our clients’ confidence—and full discretion over many of our clients’ portfolios. Leaving nothing to chance, our team conducts regular investment committee meetings to review and, if needed, fine-tune our seven signature portfolios should current market conditions shift.

Performance-of course, is as important to us as it is to our clients, but our recommended asset allocation is always needs-based—reflecting your personal time horizon, objectives and risk concerns. Should your circumstances change over time, or if new investment opportunities develop, we can reevaluate your asset mix. We do this on a regular basis, always checking in with what’s working or requires adjustments.

Relationships you can rely on

We believe what sets our team apart from so many others are the personal relationships we build. We’re accessible 24/7 and you can trust that we’ll go that extra mile to help you make difficult decisions during those times when life is changing.

Whether your needs involve retirement income planning, the transfer of a family business, divorce or the loss of a partner, we’ll work with you to create a plan for moving forward during these major-transition events.

The longer you spend in retirement, the greater the impact your decisions can have on your retirement lifestyle. How much can you safely withdraw from your retirement funds without risking depletion? Which accounts should you tap first? We’ll help you plan and prepare for the retirement you’ve earned.

Business succession
Owning, growing and finally deciding to step away from your business—whether through succession or exit—is likely one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. But we believe that planning conversations with us early on can make it easier and more productive—financially and emotionally.

We’re good listeners and thoughtful problem-solvers who can help you deal with the financial challenges and questions that often come during and after divorce. Our goal is to help you make appropriate choices for the future.

Loss of a partner
Adjusting after the loss of a loved one takes time. We’d like to provide the advice you need to sort through the many decisions you’ll face as you begin to put the pieces back together and move forward.


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