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Plan comprehensively, manage risk sensibly

Who we are
We’re an experienced, eight-person team that has been guiding our affluent clients—successful families, entrepreneurs, financial executives and entertainment professionals—through every type of market environment over the last 30 years.

What we do
From multigenerational estate planning strategies to business transition to tax-efficient retirement income planning, we collaborate to deliver a disciplined strategy with the service and attention to see it through.

How we do it
We plan comprehensively, manage risk sensibly and commit to earning your confidence every day.

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Private Wealth Management
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“Within our firm’s exclusive UBS Private Wealth Management division, we can connect you to an extensive professional network inside and outside of UBS. We’ve helped create opportunities for our clients to build new relationships with like-minded peers.”

Mark Axelowitz
Managing Director, Wealth Management

“Our Family Office clients have unique needs and often complex circumstances. It gives me great satisfaction to help them align their needs with custom strategies that UBS platforms enable me to provide.”

Todd Kauffmann
Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

“For us, a well-diversified asset allocation is key to managing risk and to helping preserve our clients’ long-term financial well-being.”

Aaron Aronoff
Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

Relationships come first

Many of our clients have demanding careers and competing priorities. We want you to rely on us to handle your finances so you can confidently focus on other areas of your life. We want that responsibility, but realize that successful execution of your financial strategy requires that we’re available when you need us and attentive to every detail.

“There’s nothing more important to us than building trust and providing a service experience that exceeds your expectations.”

Michael DaSilva
Senior Wealth Strategy Associate

As a wealth management practice, we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with you—helping to ensure that our advice and solutions grow and evolve with your career, your family and each milestone in your financial world.

Discipline and diversification shape our risk-managed approach

Our team understands that everyone has unique needs and different comfort levels with risk. Because each of us has gained the perspective of managing investments through multiple markets cycles, we know that challenging conditions and unpredictability are a given. That’s why we stay focused on strategies that help minimize volatility but still allow for returns.

“I enjoy clarifying complex concepts for our clients using the breath and depth of UBS’s global capabilities to help them make informed decisions.”

Joy Christian
Senior Wealth Strategy Associate

More specifically, we may recommend select dividend-paying stocks, given that over the past 100 years, dividends have contributed nearly half of the total return from US equity markets.2 What’s more, we believe that strong balance sheets, solid free cash flow generation and low dividend payout ratios support corporations’ ability to fund continued dividend growth.

Planning helps keep your goals on track

As a multigenerational team with experience that spans several decades, each of us has worked successfully with members of our clients’ families. Grandparents, parents and children alike have benefitted from our direction and our thoughtful approach to planning for what’s most important to them.

“With a plan in place, you have a clear yet flexible road map to guide you forward, no matter how life may change or the markets may shift.”

Nick Scordato
Senior Wealth Strategy Associate

We begin with an in-depth discussion to uncover all the critical information that gives us a better understanding of you, your needs and priorities. Where do you see yourself in five, 10 or 20 years? What are the factors that could affect your ability to grow and preserve your wealth today? Do you have a vision for a comfortable retirement? What will your family’s legacy be? Our conversations will focus on these questions and more as we work together to identify your goals and design a long-term plan for helping you pursue them.

Access, opportunities and collaboration for complex wealth

UBS Private Wealth Management
As members of the exclusive Private Wealth Management division, our team also accesses the capabilities, global solutions and intellectual strengths of our UBS teams in Wealth Management, Asset Management and our Investment Bank. Our collaboration with these financial professionals helps us deliver the resources and solutions our sophisticated clients and their families need to pursue their lifelong goals.

Family Advisory

Our team has extensive experience with family wealth and the issues it can raise—from generational transfer of businesses to liquidity management to private foundations and philanthropy. Working with the Family Advisory Group, we can:

  • Facilitate productive family meetings
  • Help you transform family values into a shared family vision
  • Create engaging wealth education for the next generation

Strategic philanthropy

The better we understand your philanthropic passions, the more effectively we can help you transform them into meaningful impact. We’re committed to helping you develop a charitable giving program that reflects your vision and your values, but also aligns strategically with your overall wealth plan.

The UBS Optimus Foundation

Some of our clients view their wealth as a powerful catalyst for positive change. To that end, our team is proud to introduce the UBS Optimus Foundation, a global network of charitable foundations. The UBS Optimus Foundation focuses on programs in the areas of child health, education and protection. Through the Foundation, we can work with you to transform good ideas into great programs for the benefit of vulnerable children around the world.

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UBS Optimus Foundation: A strategic approach to philanthropy

Portfolio Advisory Group

A truly customized portfolio should be informed by insights that align with your goals. The Portfolio Advisory Group provides us with advanced quantitative analysis and proprietary research for a dynamic asset allocation designed to address your specific needs.

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UBS Investor Watch

The UBS Investment Bank

If you’re considering the sale of your business, we can help assemble the right presale advisory team, including coordinating with our investment banking team for insight into structuring your transaction, appraisals and valuations. Working together, we’ll help ensure you have the appropriate strategy and take the right steps at the right time to make the most of your sale.

Wealth management research

By drawing upon our investment analysis and the global body of thought leadership and market insight of our Chief Investment Office (CIO), we help ensure our clients are receiving the firm’s best strategic and tactical allocation guidance.

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