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At Alignment Partners, we‘ve purposely built a diverse team of Private Wealth Advisors across industry experience, backgrounds, credentials and passions. That diversity of knowledge and perspective provides our successful clients—leaders in finance, founders of great companies and exceptional women—with the power to make informed decisions for their families. And yet we are also of one mind— in fact, in complete alignment—when it comes to our commitment to you, to sit on the same side of the table and to put your interests first. Above all, we strive every day to provide uncompromising service paired with transparent, thoughtful and unbiased advice.

New ideas. Holistic approaches.
As a group of forward-thinkers, we understand the value of bringing discipline to your financial world and applying innovative approaches to solve the complex issues that often accompany substantial wealth. Most importantly, whatever your objectives or the challenges you face, you‘ll find our team to be completely energized with new ideas, holistic approaches and solutions that are creatively designed and strategically managed. Each recommendation we make is tailored exactly for you, your priorities and the goals that matter.

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UBS Private Wealth Management

A world of access and opportunity
Thoughtful wealth structuring and investment management will always be fundamental to our practice, given the depth of our capital markets knowledge and experience. The current environment and the ambitions of our sophisticated clients require us to have that edge. But we are also a team of advisors within a global firm that truly focuses on serving the needs of the world's most exceptional families. To us, it's that level of access, intelligence and engagement that can help you pursue your broader financial goals.

Through the exclusive UBS Private Wealth Management division, our team has access to the full depth and breadth of UBS resources and expertise.

UBS Global Family Office

Working with the specialized Global Family Office team, we provide our clients with a centralized platform that harnesses the full scope of the firm’s institutional and wealth management resources—UBS traders, bankers, analysts and sales teams in every market, product class and currency to serve the needs of successful families worldwide.

From highly tailored investment portfolios to credit and financial solutions to advanced legacy, estate and philanthropic planning strategies, the cross-divisional team of Global Family Office specialists support the unique needs of your family and business through:

  • Direct access to our leading investment banking and capital markets divisions
  • Customized institutional offerings and wealth management services, with priority
  • An extensive peer network of family office contacts to exchange insights and share experiences
  • Opportunities designed to align with each dimension of your wealth and life

Read the 2018 The Global Family Office Report

Advanced planning

The complexity of your wealth demands a critical understanding of how best to incorporate tax-efficient solutions into your overall financial plan. Together with our Advanced Planning team of trust and estate specialists, we’ll provide insights for developing your comprehensive estate plan. We‘ll continue to assess it against your short- and long-term needs, current markets and an evolving tax landscape.

Family and philanthropy advisory

We can help you navigate the family dynamics around how to thoughtfully and efficiently transfer assets to the next generation, and how to begin important conversations about the responsibilities that come with having great wealth. Our planning process starts with deep discovery conversations to fully identify your priorities, goals, concerns and values. Collaborating with the UBS Family and Philanthropy Advisory team of professionals, we offer the following resources:

  • Designing and facilitating productive family meetings
  • Helping you transform family values into a shared philanthropic vision
  • Creating engaging wealth education sessions for the rising generation
  • Promoting a meaningful intergenerational dialogue about what really matters and why

Disciplined advice for stewards of capital

As a hedge fund principal or private equity sponsor, you have developed expertise in managing portfolios for your investors. For you, our role is to ensure that same investment rigor is applied to your other personal investments, to help you manage liquidity, and to highlight unique estate planning opportunities that might be available to you and your family. Many financial principals have chosen our team to be stewards of their personal wealth and to help take care of their broader family's financial needs.

We know your world well
With four former capital markets specialists in private equity, derivatives and fixed income, as well as our collective private banking backgrounds, our advice is well-informed by an extensive network of thought leadership and experience. From asset allocation, volatility and taxes, to innovative and alternative strategies, including impact investing and cryptocurrencies, we bring intelligent, transparent collaboration, and a world of complementary insight to your expertise and your portfolio.

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Business transition planning for entrepreneurs

To us, business is personal. Our team understands that when you‘ve built something from the bottom up, the decision to step away—whether through sale or a family transition—is never easy. In fact, we‘ve seen that it‘s often life-changing for founders, owners, their families and those next in line. Given the many factors that can come into play from taxes to estate planning to liquidity management, we believe you definitely shouldn‘t make a decision of this magnitude alone. We've done this before, and our early involvement in the planning process can add significant value to your strategy.

Whether it‘s taking your business to the next level, monetizing or exiting a venture, or growing a personal and professional network for your “next big thing,“ our team has extensive experience working with owners, potential buyers and their families from the initial planning stages through the close of your deal. We‘ll work with you to clarify and organize your priorities and develop and execute a plan that properly incorporates wealth structuring, trust and estate planning, and thoughtful investment management. We‘ll bring creativity and diligence to complex problems. So while you‘re focused on keeping your business firing on all cylinders, we‘ll focus on helping to ensure your personal wealth is managed with an equal level of rigor and competence. What‘s more, should your solution require it, we‘ll connect you with additional expertise from outside specialists in:

Choosing an investment bank
Once you‘ve made your decision to sell, we can work with you to determine the right investment banking relationship. You‘ll have many choices to consider, including the UBS Investment Bank and the boutique investment banks that are part of our UBS referral network.

This network focuses primarily on middle-market M&A and capital raising services for family-owned and entrepreneur-led businesses. We‘ll help you evaluate your choices and help you select the one that offers the best fit with your needs.

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In a strong economy, some business owners see an opportunity to cash out

Empowering a community of confident women

Even though it appears that they may have it all, we’ve found that financially savvy, entrepreneurial women are continually challenged by multiple priorities—from their professional lives to their families to their future financial well-being. It’s difficult to find a welcoming environment where you can ask these often emotional questions and actually be heard. Simply, we understand and are here to help.

Finding balance. Embracing opportunity.
Alli McCartney of Alignment Partners has walked in your shoes. She strives for that balance between her work and her family life every day, which has allowed her to cultivate an enviroment where you can share your concerns and get clear, thoughtful direction on planning, investing and the issues that keep you up at night.

Good advice is invaluable no matter where you are in your life. Our process focuses on you and the priorities, goals, concerns and beliefs that will ultimately impact your financial future for years to come. But our conversations are not just about success versus security. They are also about embracing opportunities that can enrich and empower you throughout your lifetime.

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Gender roles run deep
Gender roles are ingrained from early in life and often prove hard to shake. Men, for example, are still seen as financial providers.

Leadership defined

Alli McCartney

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2019
  • Working Mother Magazine Top Wealth Advisor Moms, 2018

David Wardrop

  • UBS Top 35 Under 35, 2019
  • Forbes America's Top Next- Generation Wealth Advisors, 2017, 2018

Jordan Mahaffey

  • UBS Top 35 Under 35, 2019
  • Forbes America's Top Next- Generation Wealth Advisors, 2017, 2018

Critical thinkers. Powerful voices.


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Creating a lasting and positive impact