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“ Clients count on us for our financial planning expertise and deep understanding of every aspect of retirement. Your financial goals drive everything we do.”

— Andreasen Gleeson Wealth Management Group

At Andreasen Gleeson Wealth Management Group, we understand the importance of planning for life’s goals. As a diverse multigenerational team of financial advisors, we provide comprehensive planning to generations of families and corporate executives.

For nearly two decades, we have been advising pre-retirees and retirees in the energy, technology and healthcare fields. We know corporate retirement plans inside out—and always provide our clients with advice to address their worries: Will I run out of money? How can I confidently maintain my quality of life in retirement? With deep experience in helping clients along the path to and through retirement, we get involved with the full range of retirement details that matter most, including corporate retirement plans, Medicare, long-term care, Social Security—and everything in between.

Beyond our commitment to retirement planning, we believe in a holistic approach to wealth management that covers all aspects of your financial life. Whether it’s transitioning assets to the next generation or advising on corporate stock strategies, we see the big picture and guide you through the complexities. With our access to the global resources of UBS, one of the world’s largest wealth managers, we offer you the firm’s global perspective and insights.

Credentials that build confidence

As a team of highly credentialed professionals, our advanced financial planning designations demonstrate our commitment to serving you at the highest level:

  • Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professional
  • Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM (CRPC®)

A planning foundation

Comprehensive wealth management

With our team’s extensive planning background, everything revolves around a comprehensive plan. Our relationship with you begins with a thorough fact-finding process that gives us a better understanding of your goals, challenges and priorities. From these in-depth conversations, we create a custom road map for your financial future.

Our five-step planning process works like this:

1. Discovery

We learn about you through a full review of your current financial situation, including your financial statements, assets, liabilities and employee benefits. Then we talk about your goals, values, risk profile, needs and concerns.

2. Analyze and evaluate

We take the time to analyze and evaluate your financial condition with a review of:

  • Retirement distribution cash flow
  • Risk management
  • Investments
  • Tax
  • Employee benefits
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Time horizon
  • Risk tolerance
  • Healthcare/Medicare
  • Social Security
  • Life insurance needs
  • Disability needs
  • Long-term care needs
  • Stock options
  • Education funding
  • Mortgage/loan

3. Present detailed plan

We develop and present a comprehensive financial plan to help improve your financial position with detailed recommendations that are specific to your unique goals. We review and discuss recommended strategies with you to ensure that expectations and desired outcomes are maximized.

4. Implementation

Once your personalized plan is complete, we implement the agreed-upon recommendations in a timely, efficient manner. During implementation, we carry out services for you and coordinate efforts with your tax and estate planning professionals.

5. Ongoing monitoring

We conduct ongoing monitoring and reviews with clients, making any necessary, ongoing adjustments to the plan relative to changes in your life.

Personalized client service

Striving to go above and beyond

With a passion for helping our clients with any financial need, many clients have come to rely on us for our financial advice and guidance for their unique situations. We are so much a part of our clients’ lives that many wouldn’t think about making a major financial decision before consulting with us. Our clients know we care deeply about them and this has earned their trust.

Beyond regular in-person meetings in your first year with us, we stay in touch on a consistent basis with relevant information. Our clients rely on our service model and dedicated client service team, always available to answer questions and assist with whatever is needed. We are here for you to provide real value and to help you confidently embrace your financial future.


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