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“To us, advice without human connection isn’t enough.”

— Angie Newman

Angeline Newman has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes America’s Top Women Advisors, 2019, 2020
  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors in New Jersey, 2019, 2020

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Finding Financial Freedom

Conversations with notable women who have come through difficult circumstances and learned the hard way why being in control of their finances is so important and empowering.

Advice for who you are and what you need

Multigenerational families, estate and legacy planning

Time over time, our team has found that family is at the core of what matters most to our clients—it’s also at the core of what matters most to us. We can help you build a comprehensive estate planning strategy for transitioning assets to future generations and the meaningful causes you support.

Because family participation is so critical, we coordinate with you and your children to begin the conversation, develop a family vision for what you would like to accomplish and help educate the next generation about the responsibilities of inherited wealth and helping preserve your legacy.

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Equity compensation management

Many of our clients have accumulated substantial wealth through the ownership of shares of a public or private business. Consequently, they have a number of planning needs. In the case of privately held businesses, we can help determine how best to create liquidity for your family. Whether you’re managing a restricted stock award, executing stock options or selling shares within a corporate window, our objective is to simplify the process and ultimately your financial life.

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Women, wealth and transition

From divorce and separation to loss of a partner, it’s during pivotal, life-changing events that we believe our relationships with our women clients can be the most insightful and impactful. We’re there to support you during the financial uncertainty of transition, but also the spiritual and emotional disruptions they cause. Our straightforward yet compassionate advice can help you manage your planning and investing strategy, make tough decisions about what’s next and guide you through these changing times.

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The power of the plan

We begin every relationship with a comprehensive financial plan to help you and your family pursue your goals throughout your lifetime. Everything we learn about you, your family, your concerns and your vision for the future factors into the design of your plan.

Using a disciplined,step–by–step process—our Financial Goal Analysis (FGA)— we can identify what you have today and what you will need down the road to help you address a range of priorities.

Many of our clients tell us that during periods of volatility, a financial plan helps them stay focused on the big picture and less so on short-term market swings. It can also be adjusted when life or investment circumstances change. Because we see it as such a powerful tool for helping you pursue financial well-being, we want you to retain and refer to your customized plan for the long haul, regardless of where life leads you.

A passion for the markets, but managing risk first

Investing in the markets has always been our passion, and where appropriate, we hope our clients can comfortably participate. We are mindful, though, that the most critical part of managing substantial portfolios is overseeing the potential risks of those assets.

Because risk is personal to each investor, we strive to understand your comfort level and then create a customized investment strategy that fits within those parameters.

As a Portfolio Manager with discretion over her clients’ investments, Angie is well positioned to be nimble and to do what she believes is best for them. She reviews allocations and performance regularly. Because challenging market cycles and unpredictability are part of investing, she stays focused on strategies that seek to minimize volatility but still allow for returns that can potentially increase wealth over time.

Access the platforms and perspectives of Private Wealth Management

As members of our firm’s exclusive Private Wealth Management division, our team has access to the global depth and breadth of UBS resources and experience that complement and deepen our advice and recommendations.

Whether it’s helping you or establish a more tax-efficient estate plan or pursue a philanthropic passion, we’ll provide you with insight and solutions from across the firm and around the globe.

Advanced planning
The complexity of your wealth demands a critical understanding of how best to incorporate tax-efficient solutions into your overall financial plan. Together with our estate and trust professionals as well your tax and legal advisors, we’ll provide the stewardship you need as we develop your comprehensive estate plan and develop appropriate strategies for helping to protect it.

Wealth management research
By drawing upon our investment analysis and the global body of thought leadership and market insight of our Chief Investment Office (CIO), we help ensure our clients are receiving the firm’s best strategic and tactical allocation guidance.

Portfolio Advisory Group
A truly customized portfolio should be informed by insights that align with your goals. The Portfolio Advisory Group provides us with advanced quantitative analysis and proprietary research for a dynamic asset allocation designed to address your specific needs.

The UBS Investment Bank
If you’re considering the sale of your business, we can help assemble the right presale advisory team, including coordinating with our investment banking team for insight into structuring your transaction, appraisals and valuations. Working together, we’ll help ensure you have the appropriate strategy and take the right steps at the right time to make the most of your sale.

Strategic philanthropy
The better we understand your philanthropic passions, the more effectively we can help you transform them into meaningful impact. We’re committed to helping you develop a charitable giving program that reflects your vision and your values, but also aligns strategically with your overall wealth plan.


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