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You are focused on the task at hand: leading a great company, raising the next round or making your mark in the pros. That does not mean you should put your personal planning on hold.

Our wealth management team works extensively with entrepreneurs, business owners, professional athletes and their families. We help our clients prepare their estates for the future liquidity they are destined to earn, and help plan for the complex challenges you may face—those that are known, as well as those unforeseen. We also help to avail our clients to investment opportunities commensurate with such wealth.

Our mission is straightforward: to help provide the advice and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals. It is our job to make sure you are clear about your options and plan early. To best serve our clients, we have forged close, strategic relationships within UBS—one of largest wealth management firms in the world—and with outside professionals. It is all about you: we are passionate about our clients and the work we do for them.

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“We help guide clients to purposefully match capital to address specific goals, much like an endowment or pension plan does. Our investment approach leverages principles of behavioral finance and a stellar investment platform to address specific short-, intermediate- and long-term goals.”

— Jason Chirogianis

Who we work with

Providing personalized access and solutions to select clients

Navigating each phase of your business

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, a substantial portion of your family wealth is invested in your business. This comes with its own unique challenges. Business owners and entrepreneurs value our knowledge about their professional enterprises and trust our ability to help simplify their lives, freeing them to pursue their ventures.

Through business networking and our innovative solutions, we can help address the full cycle of business needs from strategic financing to pre- and post-sale planning to succession and exit strategies.

A focus on long-term planning

We spend the time to really get to know you, your loved ones and your goals. Attuned to helping preserve the financial independence of your entire family, we can help structure a deliberate and meaningful estate planning strategy focused on your goals, your values and the needs of each generation.

Long-term planning is more important than ever. Many of today’s millennial investors’ attitudes about stability and market volatility were shaped and influenced by the financial crisis of 2008. We work across generations to help address growth strategies, insurance and lending services, wealth transfer and preservation, estate planning and philanthropic pursuits.

Guidance for your sports career and beyond

We advise professional athletes and their spouses on their most critical financial decisions. However, our relationships look well beyond finances. We help you plan for life. Our advice is singularly focused on creating a strategy that helps preserve your wealth for you, your family and your future—on and off the field.

Whether you just signed or you’re at the peak of a multiyear contract, we start by talking about what matters most to you. Then we discuss the planning and investment strategies that can help you maximize your career earnings and meet your goals.

“Your family, your company, your contract, your philanthropy: they’re all inextricably linked. The most effective planning understands how all the pieces mesh with one another.”

— Josh Pottinger


Connecting you to the deep resources of UBS

We see the big picture, from wealth planning to asset allocation to making a philanthropic impact. As UBS Wealth Advisors, we provide access to our global platforms and the financial and intellectual strengths of our experts in Wealth Management, Asset Management and our Private and Investment Banks.

We have built an extensive network of financial, estate, philanthropic and tax planning specialists who complement and deepen the advice we offer.

Advanced Planning Group

Provides comprehensive planning, advice and education to ultra high net worth individuals and families. The team consists of professionals with advanced degrees, extensive planning experience and various areas of expertise.

UBS Investment Bank

Harness all our financial competence to select the best investment instruments for you

CIO Americas, Wealth Management

Our dedicated UHNW CIO specialists covering your individual needs with presence in 13 key financial hubs, including Zurich, London, Hong Kong and New York

UBS Private Bank

An integrated bank with global reach and local presence

Portfolio Advisory Group

Customized, institutional-level multi-asset portfolio mandates to meet targeted risk profiles and specific objectives of our clients

Third-party investment managers

Global platform of nontraditional strategies and structures curated via a rigorous, robust and repeatable investment process across the liquidity spectrum

Global Family Office Group

Consultations about family office setup and structure to help ensure the appropriate solution for management of the family’s wealth

Family Advisory and Philanthropy

Advice and solutions for family wealth education, intentional communication and decision-making, generational wealth transitions, family governance, philanthropic legacies and more


Wealth strategies for every phase of life

With our team’s extensive planning background, we bring an experienced perspective to the intersection of wealth management and estate planning strategies. We help you navigate the intersection of family, business, finance and legacy by building planning strategies that can meet the needs of current and future generations.

Through our integrated process, we help prioritize your goals, establish your proper asset allocation, manage risk, and assess estate and charitable planning strategies.

Initial/exploratory conversation

Is there a fit? Through a higher-level discussion, we determine your needs and how we can potentially be helpful.

Informal proposal

We outline how we can be helpful with a suggested ‘road map’ before you commit to working with us.


Once committed, we begin to transfer assets from your current advisors to UBS. We adhere to our ‘client on-boarding’ protocol and keep you abreast of the process the entire way.

Deeper dive discovery

We prepare your family’s comprehensive financial plan: define specific goals, establish benchmarks, create extensive investment recommendations and stress test your plan.


In-person meeting to discuss your custom financial plan and investment recommendations.

Execute ongoing wealth management plan

Our ongoing execution of your wealth management solutions includes monitoring of investment strategy and wealth management plan, adjusting your ‘road map’ and developing your schedule for review meetings.


Our experience makes us insightful investors

By listening and aligning with your objectives, we focus on asset allocation strategies that allow for sensible growth and help mitigate risk. Because of our close association with investment managers on UBS’s open platform, we communicate regularly and closely track performance, rebalancing and making adjustments for life changes and economic conditions.

We offer open access to an array of financial solutions both within and outside of UBS. We consider all investment vehicles as potential tools for building a customized investment portfolio using a disciplined product selection process.

Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy.
Our approach can help you organize your financial life into three key dimensions: Liquidity—to help provide cash flow for short-term expenses, Longevity—for longer-term needs and Legacy—for needs that go beyond your own. Through the plan we create together, we can help you pursue what matters most today, tomorrow and for generations to come.


The next 3 years

To help maintain your lifestyle

  • Entertainment and travel
  • Taxes
  • Purchasing a home

4 years – lifetime

To help improve your lifestyle

  • Retirement
  • Healthcare and long-term care expenses
  • Second home

Now – beyond your lifetime

To help improve the lives of others

  • Giving to family
  • Philanthropy
  • Wealth transfer over generations

ATX Insights- Lightning in a bottle

In this podcast series, Josh Pottinger and Jason Chirogianis, two veterans with over 2 ½ decades of experience in the financial services industry bring real world perspectives to help business owners and entrepreneurs through the process of making the decision to monetize their ownership position, managing the process and then life after. Throughout this series, they’ll provide their own thoughts as well as interview key people along the way. Email questions / comments to


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