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In the life of every private business, there will be a liquidity event, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Through our 7 step process we want to help you to get the

  • Maximum value for your business
  • Mitigate your tax burden
  • Create lifetime cash flow
  • Keep control of the process

Complimentary services

We will meet with you to discuss your business and understand where you are today. After this conversation we will give you a roadmap and a process to follow to get you to your desired result.

Based on your answers to a few YES/NO questions we will give you a quick analysis of where you are today.

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“We help Business Owners with the single most important financial transaction of their life. Any mistakes made could have generational consequences.”

— Ahmie Baum

“We work with extraordinary CEOs who won’t sacrifice the important for the urgent in their life and business. With our help they handle immediate problems at hand while still making sure to secure the future for their business and family.”

— Brian Baum

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Art Cashin on the markets

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