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“Experience, transparency and a relentless pursuit of knowledge are commitments that we believe all of our clients deserve.”

— Brian Buetel

The life of a wealthy family is punctuated by financial and personal milestones. Your first major real estate investment. A liquidity event that rewards your hard work. The birth of a grandchild that leads you to think longer term. These transitions require a team who can help provide you with the confidence you’ve been looking for.

We build lasting relationships with the families we serve, taking the time to understand their most important priorities for today, tomorrow and the generations to come. We are passionate about learning who you are so that we can coordinate your entire financial situation in a way that reflects your values.

Multigenerational wealth

What do you envision for your money and your life?

We work with you to create a plan to help grow and preserve wealth across the generations of your family. By listening to and learning from you, we can help you define your goals and design smart strategies to pursue them.

Working with families is our focus. We can help facilitate financial conversations across your extended family, uniting everyone in pursuit of a common goal. In fact, we are now into the third generation of several client relationships.

Our experienced professionals provide meaningful advice in the fields of:

  • Portfolio development
  • Risk management
  • Family legacy planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Asset protection

Because wealth requires sophisticated, highly customized strategies, we tailor your investments to your evolving needs. We also offer discretionary advisor-managed portfolios that free you from day-to-day decision-making.

Services for business owners, real estate investors and professional athletes

Do you have a trusted quarterback for your transactions?

We understand the unique responsibilities and challenges you face as a business or property owner. We offer pre- and post-transaction advice to help you make the most of your deals, as well as access to specialized lending capabilities to fund your goals.

We work with commercial real estate developers and owners of privately held businesses, collaborating with tax and legal advisors to help facilitate sales and acquisitions.

We delve deeply into business transactions on your behalf in order to offer an informed opinion. Many clients ask us to sit in on each step of a purchase or sale. We can also help you value your business, design a succession plan and facilitate your second act.

Our commitment to you

How we seek to earn your trust

We have emphasis on client service, transparency and accountability. Education is one of our highest values. We never stop learning and improving in order to serve you better.

Our goal is to provide you with a level of service that allows you to focus more on living your life and less on managing the daily aspects of your finances. We tell you up front what you can expect from us, and we design a custom contact schedule based on your wishes.

You’ll know you can trust us because we share knowledge to help make you a more informed investor. We believe that when we educate people, we empower people.

Backed by UBS

One of the world’s largest wealth managers

When you work with us, you gain privileged access to resources typically reserved for the largest institutional investors in the world. We combine the personalized attention and feel of a smaller firm with the power and insights of a global financial institution.

With more than 150 years of history, UBS Financial Services Inc. offers a time-tested perspective on global markets and economies. You have your choice of premier third-party investment providers, complemented by our firm’s strong asset management and investment banking capabilities.

We can connect you with our team of dedicated specialists within UBS, and coordinate with your trusted tax and legal professionals outside the firm. Our goal is to create custom strategies that reflect your aspirations while creating a seamless approach to your financial life.

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Building an investment plan

Building an investment plan

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Is your network secure?