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Our clients have different circumstances and multiple priorities that require truly customized solutions. We believe we have the range of experience that not only helps them pursue their personal and professional goals, but build trust over time.

Here’s why:

  • Disciplined planning. Our methodical planning process enables us to look holistically atyour entire wealth picture, anticipate your needs and identify potential risks—beforeissues arise.
  • Risk-managed solutions. As a team, we each have diverse skill sets. Over the yearswe’ve navigated many market cycles and understand volatility. We can deliver appropriatesolutions for your needs.
  • Transparency. We’ll ensure you clearly understand all the factors that help inform ourinvesting and planning decisions.
  • Collaboration. We coordinate with your professional team of tax advisors and estateand trust attorneys to align our strategies and integrate them into your financial plan.

“They say experience is the best teacher. When it comes to delivering real wealth management, our team couldn't agree more.”

— Barter Worden Wealth Management

Multigenerational planning

How will you be remembered? What is the best way to pass on wealth to the next in line? Will your children accept future financial responsibilities? Because we understand the dynamics of family decision-making, we take a disciplined financial planning approach to helping you address sensitive wealth transfer, inheritance and legacy concerns.

To us, a true measure of success is the positive impact it can make in the lives of those you care about most. Each of us has worked successfully with members of our clients’ families—grandparents, parents and children. Using our Financial Goal Analysis tool as a guide, we coordinate with your tax and legal advisors to create a multi- generational plan tailored to priorities. Our focus is to help ensure the wealth you’ve created addresses your short- and long-term goals and your family commitments.

Prudent investing

To invest successfully, you have to navigate through complex market forces. As Senior Portfolio Managers within the UBS discretionary Portfolio Management Program, we have a well-honed process for managing portfolios with a focus on capital and risk adjusted returns, even in the most unpredictable markets.

How much risk can you afford to take? We make our selections from an “open architecture” platform of solutions from inside and outside UBS, which means we are not beholden to any investment product or manager. Although each client is unique, our recommendations generally focus on delivering risk-adjusted returns, addressing your cash management needs and preserving capital. Using our signature portfolios as a guide, we tailor your asset allocation according to your growth and cash management needs, tolerance for risk, tax situation and charitable goals.

Trusted relationships

Because many of our clients lead very busy lives, they trust us to handle their finances while they focus on other priorities.

To us, the greater our collaboration with you and each other, the better we can exceed your expectations for service—from attentively responding to your concerns to anticipating issues to keeping you up-to-date with regular portfolio reviews. Whether you’re pursuing a personal, family or business goal, we hope to be your trusted resource for making well-informed decisions. Backed by the vast global resources of UBS, we’ve never been better positioned to help you protect those you love, the success you’ve achieved and the legacy you’ve earned.


Building an investment plan

Building an investment plan

Planning for the lifestyle you want

Planning for the lifestyle you want