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What do our clients value most?

Advice that looks beyond their investment portfolio.

That's why we work closely with each generation, helping them think about their priorities and set realistic goals. From your family to your business, to the retirement you’ve been counting on for so many years, meeting today's financial challenges isn't easy. So how do you know you're making the right decisions? You can count on Callender Family Wealth Management to answer your questions and to help you address those challenges.

Planning connects generations

Planning is key to finding answers to life’s important questions and it starts with conversations about what’s most important to you.

From funding an education to starting a business to planning your retirement or estate, each member of our team offers an experienced, personal perspective and a generational planning approach to help you protect your wealth, your family and your future. In fact, we believe our clients choose us—and stay with us—because we truly understand what matters to them. We share their values of commitment, family, hard work and legacy.

Our disciplined process creates your personal roadmap

Since everyone thinks differently about how their wealth should be managed, we’ll take you through our disciplined process to address your specific perspective.

Learn about our disciplined wealth management process

Discovery process

  • Learn about you, your vision, values and what’s important to you
  • Understand any special concerns/challenges
  • Define the scope of the engagement
  • Communicate our wealth management process
  • Determine risk tolerance – Gather data, documents and statements for analysis

Presentation of comprehensive financial plan

  • Present a written, actionable, holistic financial strategy
  • Integrate specific financial objectives and future income needs
  • Account for the tax environment, aspirations for multigenerational wealth transfer, estate planning strategies, charitable goals, etc.

Discussion of investment strategy

  • Analyze current investments
  • Present investment proposal specifically tailored to work with your customized financial plan
  • Agree to implement solutions

Implementation of planning and investment strategy

  • Sign documents as needed
  • Transfer existing assets
  • Execute agreed-upon strategy

Review progress

  • Review portfolio on a regular basis
  • Monitor wealth management plan
  • Keep up to date on life changes, needs and objectives

Update financial plan

  • Make necessary adjustments to plan (spending, savings, retirement age, etc.)
  • Confirm and strategically coordinate any outside accounts

Relationships that last a lifetime

We’re proud to say that most of our clients have been with us for many years. We feel they appreciate our passion for helping them realize their dreams.

But even more so, they’re comfortable knowing that we are a family-based team that understands how families work together to make decisions—in life and in business. We listen, share ideas, challenge each other when necessary and in the end, reach a solution that best serves our clients. Simply, you will always come first—no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Managing your wealth goes beyond managing your money

At Callender Family Wealth Management, we understand that your financial life encompasses much more than investing.

Our approach, Advice. Beyond investing, provides guidance for your entire financial life. Learn more about how we deliver advice to help clients like you achieve their most important goals.

Sharon Callender Snowden has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2018, 2019
  • Working Mother Magazine Top Wealth Adviser Moms, 2017, 2018


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