Experience Makes all the difference

With over two decades of financial consulting experience, our team has developed a proven process for meeting your wealth management goals. We begin by reviewing every relevant aspect of your wealth management experience. Then, and only then, we will make recommendations on how to meet your goals. Our group works with clients in coastal Carolina and their friends and families across the country. Our clients include retirees, business owners, corporate executives and women decision makers. We understand that your financial future depends heavily on our ability to understand you and the things that are important to you. That is why our first priority is to listen to you and learn your goals and aspirations. We will work to create a relationship based on ongoing dialogue and trust, and we will call upon our firm's global expertise to develop a personalized strategy to guide you as we work to meet your financial goals. We firmly believe that no other wealth consulting team does a better job of communicating with clients. Through our years of experience in delivering outstanding client service, we have developed a model of proactive and meaningful client service delivery. Your review meetings are a time to reconnect. Two way communication is the foundation of our relationship. Catlett-Tinsley wants to celebrate the positives and help manage and plan for any challenges that arise. By sharing with us and keeping us informed, we can make sure that your plan is still appropriate for what is going on in your day to day life as well as current market and economic conditions.

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