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At The Chabalik Group, we’ve found that one of the greatest challenges for many of our clients is that they don’t know what they don’t know. That’s why we believe financial planning is the single most important service we can provide. Our planning process shapes our relationships from day one. It helps us understand your priorities and concerns. It also gives us a comprehensive and cohesive view—a total picture of what you have and what you may need to achieve your goals.

What are the factors that could affect your ability to grow and protect your wealth today? How do you give your children a better future? From helping you create a retirement income stream to ensuring your estate plan cares for your loved ones and protects your interests for the next generation, we’ll put our decades of experience and the extensive resources of UBS to work as we design your personal wealth plan for life.

Making good decisions begins with asking the important questions

What are the questions that keep you up at night? Our clients often come to us with questions about their lives—beyond their investments. They trust our advice and know how much we care about their well-being. Because we see ourselves as your “professional worriers,” we’ll always help you find the answers you need in a language that makes sense.

Will I outlive my retirement savings?

Create a better retirement

The longer you spend in retirement, the greater the impact these decisions can have on your lifestyle. How much can you safely withdraw from your retirement funds without risking depletion? Which accounts should you tap first? How much of a gap do you need to fill after accounting for Social Security and your pension. We’ll get you the answers you need to prepare for what could be a retirement that could last 30 years.

How do I ensure my family will be okay when I’m gone?

Helping you understand the facts about wills, trusts and estate planning

While estate planning can be a sensitive and emotional topic for both parents and children, open discussion among family members can make the process easier for everyone. Our team can point you in the right direction when you have questions about your will and if needed, establishing a trust. We can also help you make important inheritance decisions, facilitate family meetings and recommend strategies for tax-efficient wealth transfer, charitable giving and business succession.

Can you help me navigate my employee pension benefits?

Learn how to take full advantage of your company’s plan

Our team works closely with plan sponsors and participants of employee benefits plans in the local Rochester area. We understand the features of their plans and can help you sort through the key decisions you need to make about your future and the financial security of your family.

  • Listen to your priorities and concerns
  • Discuss past financial experiences
  • Clarify current goals
  • Address comfort level with risk
  • Gauge investment experience level
  • Discuss expectations
  • Learn about your family dynamics
  • Understand what is most important to you
  • Develop comprehensive wealth management plan
  • Create focus areas, including retirement, education, major purchases, etc.
  • Create realistic goals based on your risk tolerance and preference for each focus area
  • Set well-defined financial goals for each focus area
  • Integrate timeline (short-, medium-, long-term) for each goal
  • Discuss investment mix based on your risk tolerance, timeline and goals
  • Execute investment strategy and create baseline portfolio
  • Monitor performance and set target dates for portfolio reviews
  • Decide on how we should adjust your portfolio over time should circumstances change


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