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At Coastal Partners, we have decades of experience delivering customized investment and risk management advice. Our Private Wealth Practice offers an invaluable combination of market insight, planning acumen and uncompromising service. With access to deep global resources and solutions across all of UBS, we are passionate about helping our clients—sophisticated families, entrepreneurs and private foundations—grow and preserve the success they’ve achieved.

Today, our team is evolving. Though our advice continues to be grounded in a strong commitment to the fundamentals of prudent portfolio management, we’ve never been better positioned to embrace innovation and the opportunities that enable us to serve you better. Whatever your goals for yourself or your business, you can trust that our knowledge and perspective will not only provide you with the financial stewardship your wealth deserves, but also with the freedom to focus on your life and those who matter most.

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Chris Pendrak has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes America's Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors, 2018

Monetizing your business

Pre-liquidity planning is key to a successful exit
We understand that when it comes to the business you’ve personally built, you’re going to be invested at every level. The decision to step away isn’t easy. From our experience working closely with business owners at varying stages of the selling process, it is never too early to begin preparing for the transition. The training and organizational structures, documentation of procedures and legal issues all take time and a clear and personalized strategy to maximize the value of this event so you can confidently pursue your life goals post-sale.

Our team has a disciplined process of asking questions and gathering all the facts and emotional drivers that can impact your exit strategy and the success of the final outcome. What are some of the factors we need to consider? We’ll work with you to clarify the selling requirements, the range of valuation expectations, and strategic goals. This also includes defining: exit strategy alternatives; thinking through the most appropriate types of acquirers; timing of sale; tax consequences and owner’s desire for future involvement to help inform our recommendations, we’ll coordinate with your attorney and tax advisor as well as our network of both third-party and UBS experts in:

  • M&A advisory services
  • Private equity and debt financing
  • Risk management
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Tax management

Investing viewed through a planning lens

Our advice is straightforward and aligned with your goals
As a team, each of us has lived though and invested in a range of market environments. Because an important part of any wealth management process is having knowledgeable, active investment manager oversight, we view each allocation we recommend through your unique plan. Whether it’s a strategy for current income, your heirs or a post-divorce settlement, we are always guided by your goals, your time horizon and the existing or changing circumstances of your life.

The depth of our understanding and disciplined process enables us to manage portfolios during the most volatile periods. Guided by our experience, our asset management approach is prudent, straightforward and focused on managing risk. As Senior Portfolio Managers within the UBS Portfolio Management Program, we can create truly customized portfolios on a discretionary basis—not generic allocations. Given the complex market economic forces that continue to be at work today, you can trust that our daily monitoring ensures responsive action should adjustments be needed.

Guiding private endowments toward their funding goals

Accountability and fiduciary responsibility shape our approach
We believe one of the greatest concerns facing private foundations is insufficient funding to achieve their mission. We focus on building portfolios that seek to support your foundation‘s short- and long-term spending needs. Our team can work with you to create a highly customized investment approach aligned with your foundation’s mission, spending policy, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and fiduciary responsibilities.

We take the time to fully understand your organization’s unique financial situation and deliver an investment plan that addresses risk prudently and allocates assets based on ever-changing market conditions. Complete accountability and transparency guide our decision making process as we work to:

  • Formalize and implement an investment policy statement
  • Review the investment process and maintain appropriate documentation
  • Provide ongoing monitoring, reporting and communication

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Creating your legacy

Creating a legacy that lasts

Creating a lasting and positive impact

Creating a lasting and positive impact