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A legacy isn’t built overnight. It demands years of trusted collaboration focused on shared vision and purpose. We believe lasting legacies are often the result of well-informed choices and thoughtful decision-making. But given today’s many uncertainties and challenges, can you preserve all you’ve achieved and ensure that it endures for your family and their future?

For more than 20 years, exceptional families across the globe have chosen our team to help them manage their wealth for continuity. With decades of diverse experience combined with our forward thinking, we provide critical investment insight—especially in an industry that is constantly evolving. Accessing our broad network of large family offices and aligning the institutional expertise and solutions of the UBS Private Wealth Management, UBS Investment Bank, Family Office Solutions Group and the Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services team, we strive to deliver bespoke opportunities that embrace your family’s financial and human capital.

With our diverse credentials and collective perspectives and the full scope of resources from a global leader in Private Wealth Management, we are solely focused on helping you preserve your legacy and enhance its value for generations to come.

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Family Office Solutions Group (FOSG)

Connecting great families to the capabilities that matter

How do you facilitate intergenerational wealth management? Our team understands the dynamics of families working together to make important life decisions—for today and tomorrow. Collaborating with the Family Office Solutions Group, we bring UBS insight and experience to our clients—helping them explore bespoke opportunities seeking growth, capital preservation and generational wealth transitions.

In addition, for select clients, we can introduce you to the UBS Global Family Office Americas Group, a centralized platform that leverages the firm’s institutional and wealth management resources.

Through our FOSG Group, our family office clients receive access to the experience and services across all areas of UBS, all under “one roof.” To us, there’s no better way to provide you with the holistic, institutionalized coverage that we believe you and your family deserve.

Ajay Desai is a Private Wealth Advisor, Family Office Consultant (FOC).

The Family Office Consultant (FOC) is a UBS business designation earned by a select group of Financial Advisors. They have undergone rigorous training to strengthen their knowledge and proficiency to help manage the investment, business, passion and legacy needs of sophisticated, ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients and their families. Understanding the complexities of intergenerational wealth and the challenges faced by UHNW clients, Ajay aligns specific needs to the full suite of UBS capabilities. Working together, FOCs strive to help these clients address critical concerns to pursue their most important goals.

Global Family Office, Americas
From highly tailored investment portfolios to credit and alternative solutions to advanced legacy, estate and philanthropic planning strategies, the Global Family Office Americas team supports the unique needs of your family and business through:

Customized institutional offerings and wealth management services with priority

An extensive peer network of family office contacts to exchange insights and share experiences

Well-informed opportunities
Customized solutions designed to align with each dimension of your wealth and life

Managing wealth with purpose:
38% of family offices are engaged in sustainable investing and 45% plan to increase their sustainable investments over the next 12 months

Alternative allocations:
Alternatives constitute half of the average family office portfolio

Succession planning:
29% reported that the next generation already holds management positions in the family office, while 23% reported that they sit on the board

Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services

From meaningful lives to purposeful legacies

Together with our partners from Family Advisory, dedicated specialists, holistic wealth planners and philanthropy experts, we help you design a strategic and sustainable plan that focuses specifically on wealth transition, family governance and business succession. We begin our planning process with deep discovery conversations that will fully identify your passions, goals, concerns and values.

Because family participation is critical to ensuring the success of your legacy plan, we facilitate conversations with your loved ones and help you develop a unified vision for all that you want to accomplish with your wealth.

In collaboration with Family Advisory, our team offers a number of resources, including:

Network of trusted third-party consultants

  • Family office design
  • Family business succession
  • Career and life mentoring for the rising generation
  • Family council development

Educational programs

  • Women’s Symposium, Young Successors Program and Young Successors Alumni Program
  • Personalized programs for individual client families
  • Financial Education Program
  • Publications and research reports on subjects relevant to families of significant wealth

Family engagement and participation strategies

  • Design and facilitate productive family meetings
  • Turn family values into a shared family vision
  • Create engaging wealth education sessions for the rising generation
  • Promote meaningful intergenerational dialogue about what really matters

Women of great wealth are growing in number and influence

This paper is based on interviews with 40 women—some entrepreneurs, others born or married into wealthy families.

These women insisted that legacy should involve passing on a sense of integrity and a moral outlook that is grounded in the right values.

Giving back, strategically

The impact of your wealth

The better we understand your philanthropic vision, the more effectively we can help you transform it into meaningful impact. Whether you are leading supporter of local causes or initiatives worldwide, we can offer you a truly robust selection of opportunities for pursuing your charitable goals.

From private foundations to participation in our expansive global initiative, the UBS Optimus Foundation, we’re committed to helping you develop a giving solution that reflects your passions and your values.

Our Global Philanthropists Community This exclusive members-only network1 is supported by UBS and designed to connect active philanthropists with similar interests to encourage collaboration, exchange knowledge and create greater impact. Philanthropy is about finding solutions. We believe the best solutions are created when people work together. As one of the world’s leading wealth managers, we are able to leverage our global network for the benefit of our philanthropic clients.

The UBS Optimus Foundation Because many of our clients choose to use their wealth as a catalyst for creating positive international and social change, we are proud to introduce them to the UBS Optimus Foundation. The Foundation is a uniquely structured global network of charitable foundations with a shared clear mission: to create a world where everyone can reach their full potential. Its strategy is to invest in social systems that allow people to grow up healthy, educated and free from abuse.

Global Visionaries Our Global Visionaries program supports social entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are improving the world around us. Every year UBS selects 20 new visionaries who are at the forefront of social and environmental innovation.

Global philanthropy
holds immense promise in the 21st century. Global giving is growing, gaining visibility and creating much- needed change around the world.

Philanthropic institutions span the globe, comprising over 260,000 foundations.

Education is a top priority around the world, with 35% of nearly 30,000 foundations focusing at least some of their resources on the sector.

Problem-solving for complex planning and investing

A comprehensive approach

We do the sophisticated planning and analysis, take an integrated approach and deliver the solutions that align with your priorities and preferences—no matter how complex your family’s needs.

Advanced planning assessment

  • We work with our Advanced Planning team to begin a comprehensive assessment of your estate planing strategy
  • The Strategic Wealth Assessment provides a balance sheet review, current estate overview, hypothetical estate tax calculations and suggested wealth transfer strategies.

Global research and strategy

  • UBS research establishes capital market assumptions to provide a base for our investment views.
  • We use CIO Americas, Wealth Management as well as UBS Investment Bank Research, in partnership with our Portfolio Advisory Group, to set strategic and tactical asset allocations.

Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy.

Understanding your life, your wealth and what you want to accomplish is important to how we work together at UBS. We start with questions and a discussion that helps us focus on what’s really important to you. Then, we can help you organize your financial life into three key strategies: Liquidity—to help provide cash flow for short-term expenses, Longevity—for longer-term needs and Legacy—for needs that go beyond your own.

Customized investment plan

  • Your plan incorporates your Strategic Wealth Assessment to help ensure you are appropriately invested for tax efficiency and your goals
  • We help you diversify your plan across time horizon, risk level and liquidity
  • Strategic and tactical allocations consider forward-looking market views and expected return and risk metrics

Ongoing advice and monitoring

  • Active dialogue on changing market conditions as well as changes in family goals
  • Focus on risk management, monitoring of existing investments and adherence to a goals-based framework
  • Helping you track your progress toward your goals

Ajay Desai has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Financial Times 400 Top Financial Advisers, 2013 – 2015, 2018, 2020
  • Barron’s Top 1,200 Advisors, 2014 – 2020
  • Barron’s Top 1,000 Advisors, 2011
  • Barron’s Top 100 Advisors, 2011
  • Registered REP. magazine and’s Top 100 Wirehouse Advisors, 2010, 2011


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