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When you think about the future, what do you hope for? Ideally, you would be able to fund the lifestyle you want in retirement, provide a legacy for your family and support causes that reflect your values.

Our caring and knowledgeable team wants to help you achieve that vision. That’s why we work collaboratively with our clients, taking a proactive approach to help you pursue your goals. Our diversity of experience enables us to create long-term financial plans that are designed to weather market fluctuations and unexpected life events.

Each client has a relationship with two experienced Financial Advisors who offer complementary perspectives and insights, as well as a dedicated Wealth Strategy Associate to address day-to-day concerns. Our multigenerational team offers continuity for the families, corporate executives, business owners and physicians that we serve. To provide you with the most relevant tools and guidance, we draw on UBS’s sophisticated planning resources, including trust solutions, insurance and philanthropic advisory.

Building a strong foundation

Your financial plan will address your full financial picture, including:

Retirement funding strategies

Do you have a plan to pursue your vision?

After a lifetime of hard work, you deserve a secure and fulfilling retirement. Our team has helped hundreds of pre-retirees create plans to generate the income they need in retirement.

We take a proactive approach to planning for retirement. Our goal is to ensure that your lifestyle can be funded without interruption. We seek to preserve at least a year’s worth of cash flows to prevent you from having to sell investments in a down market. We’ll recommend solutions designed to outpace inflation, reduce overall portfolio volatility and minimize tax implications.

Our commitment to you includes your children and grandchildren. Your personalized retirement income strategy will be integrated with your larger wealth management plan, enabling you to build a legacy. For example, you may be able to use required minimum distributions to help fund your grandchildren’s college education or make donations to charity.

Our team is multigenerational by design, and we will be here for the future of your family.

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Financial Goal Analysis (FGA)

Investment management

Is your portfolio aligned with your goals?

A portfolio without a plan is unlikely to be successful. As Senior Portfolio Managers in UBS's Portfolio Management Program, we know that transactional investing isn't enough to guide you successfully to your goals.

Our team personally constructs your asset allocation strategy within the context of your broader plan. We have access to extensive wealth management research and sophisticated solutions from within UBS and outside the firm. This gives us the flexibility to think and act objectively, with only your best interests in mind.

Our decisions are based on our own rigorous due diligence of markets and companies. Your investments will reflect your time frame and risk profile, with different portfolios for each of life’s major goals. Our approach is consistently disciplined and transparent. We are always seeking better ways to control costs, manage risk and preserve your capital.

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Executive wealth solutions

Do you know how to maximize your equity compensation?

Whether you’re employed by a public or private business, you face critical decisions about stock ownership. Many large local employers choose us to advise their teams about equity compensation and other company plans.

We can help you navigate the complexity of your corporate retirement plan, stock option grants, profit-sharing plans and restricted stock units. We understand the risks of concentrated positions, as well as the limitations placed on company insiders. Talk to us about:

  • Rule 10b5-1 selling plans
  • Restricted stock award management
  • Options exercise strategies
  • Privately held or public shares that are subject to Rule 144
  • Diversification strategies

Our team serves many executives at major corporations, and we are well versed in retirement plans and other equity compensation programs. We can explain the features and develop a strategy for managing your ad hoc distributions, net unrealized appreciation (NUA) and partial rollovers.

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Executive decisions with Wealth Way

Business transition and succession

How will you prepare your business for its next phase?

A closely held business is vitally important to the owner’s family, both financially and emotionally. We work with business owners to design thoughtful transition plans that position them and the business for continued success.

We understand the emotions that come with owning and growing a successful business, and the concerns that often arise when you contemplate your exit strategy. Our team has deep experience helping business owners find answers to key questions including:

  • Should they sell or find a successor?
  • What is the business worth?
  • How can they enhance its value?
  • If they plan to sell, who is the right investment banker?
  • How can they make the liquidity event as tax-efficient as possible?

We can create a road map well in advance of your business transition. Through UBS, we’ll connect you with sources of capital for accelerating value, investment banking advisors to drive a competitive market and advanced planning professionals to address estate planning considerations.

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Preparing for a strategic exit


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