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“All of our professional relationships are personal to us. Each starts with trust, and over time becomes a longstanding mutual commitment that lasts for decades.”

— Flint Financial Group

With over 35 years of experience, Flint Financial Group is a multigenerational team of Financial Advisors focused on the specific needs of retirees, business owners and each generation of their families. We offer the advantages that come from decades of insight and knowledge, the ability to navigate financial complexity with ease, relationships that last for generations and a genuine commitment to serve others. We are located at the Fort Myers UBS branch, but proudly serve clients and families all over the nation.

Flint Financial Group offers you:

  • Family team dedicated to you for the long term
  • Access to the extensive global resources of UBS
  • Wisdom and insight that come from decades of experience
  • Core values that extend from a faith commitment

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Taking the long view

Financial planning and investment management for your entire family

Transitioning wealth or a family business from one generation to the next is often the culmination of a lifetime of successful financial management. The Flint Financial Group can help you with your most complex financial challenges because we’ve spent years guiding our clients and helping them preserve their wealth for future generations.

A lifetime financial strategy. Complex finances require a comprehensive approach, connecting every area of your finances. We will help you manage your wealth by keeping pace with fluctuating markets, changing tax laws and your evolving family needs. Critical elements of our planning process include:

  • Investment management
  • Retirement income planning
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Family needs planning
  • Credit and lending
  • Business succession planning
  • Insurance and liability management

A focus on asset allocation. Our team works with you to determine an asset allocation strategy customized to your goals. We tailor your asset allocation, focusing on the investment mix that’s right for your situation.

As a multigenerational team, we have personal insights into our clients’ needs and objectives. We understand how priorities can change from one generation to the next, and how to anticipate the effect on short-term and long-term goals.

Transitioning wealth or a family business from one generation to the next is often the culmination of a lifetime of successful financial management. The Flint Financial Group can help you with your most complex financial challenges because we’ve spent years guiding our clients and helping them preserve their wealth for future generations.

“It’s not the direction of the wind that determines your course, but the set of the sail.”

— Anonymous

Goals-based investing

Liquidity, longevity and legacy

Your liquidity needs are addressed with a steady income stream for the next few years.

By separating assets specific to maintaining your lifestyle from those earmarked for your legacy, we create separate portfolios for the capital you’ll need to meet goals or within certain timeframes. This goals-based approach allows us to align your strategy with your liquidity, longevity and legacy objectives along the timetable that is right for you.

Resources to improve your lifestyle

Your liquidity needs are addressed with a steady income stream for the next few years.

Your liquidity portfolio: A conservative allocation that contains up to five years of sequenced liquidity for upcoming expenses.

Resources to improve your lifestyle

Your longevity strategy provides a clear picture of what future spending objectives will cost and helps clarify how much your family can do to improve the lives of others, now and in the future.

Your longevity portfolio: A growth portfolio is sized to include the assets you will need for the remainder of your lifetime. These assets transition over time to the liquidity portfolio.

Resources to improve the lives of others

Your legacy portfolio contains assets that are in excess of what you need to meet your own objectives.

Your legacy portfolio: Typically invested fairly aggressively since the time horizon associated with the portfolio can usually be measured in decades.

The power of personal relationships

Demonstrating our long-term commitment

Flint Financial Group is a family team founded in Ft. Myers nearly four decades ago. That shared sense of community has translated into a deep commitment to successive generations of clients. It’s part of the reason the children and grandchildren of our earliest clients still work with us to this day.

Deep roots. We take great pride in the many relationships we have built in the Ft Myers community. Committed to the region, we are trusted to serve the specific needs of retirees, local business owners, as well as second and third generation clients, many of whom now reside in 29 states throughout the country.

Women and wealth. A number of our clients are successful women who trust us to deal with their most sensitive financial issues, including helping to ensure financial continuity after the loss of a loved one. Our team is structured to provide the perspective and insights women need to navigate the financial opportunities and challenges they may face in all areas of their lives.

Safeguarding multigenerational wealth. We understand the connections between wealth and family. That’s why we’re committed to helping each generation prepare for the responsibilities that come with significant wealth through education, advice and networking opportunities.

Serving and giving back. We believe that serving and giving back to the community is a part of our responsibility as a family who is grateful for all the opportunities of our great nation. Each member of our team has, at different times and in different ways, served people locally, nationally and abroad. The core of our values comes from a lifelong commitment to our faith as a source of strength, values and hope for the future.

Working with family-owned businesses

Strategies for succession planning and beyond

Knowing who to work with during your important periods of business transaction and transition can make all the difference. Whether you need to raise capital, sell your business or manage the liquidity from a sale, we can provide the technical expertise for handling all the details and ensuring your transactions are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

The right strategy. We can help you evaluate the viability of your business and plot the best way forward. If you’re ready to transition or exit your business, we’ll help you understand all aspects of this life-changing event that could result in one of the most significant liquidity transactions you’ll ever make.

Ready to exit? Our team offers detailed modeling, clearly illustrating what it would look like to sell to a strategic buyer, sell to an investor, sell to employees through an ESOP, transition to the next generation or liquidate your assets.

Succession planning. We can create customized cash flow models comparing the economic benefits of a taxable installment sale and a tax-deferred sale to an ESOP using Section §1042 of the IRC.

Lending solutions. Through the extensive resources of UBS, you can access innovative solutions such as securities-backed lending, mortgages and tailored financing

Local service backed by global resources

A team approach gives you the access you need

In today’s world, you need to understand how all the pieces of your complex life can affect your pursuit of important financial goals. Our integrated services provide you with a clear and consistent approach to managing your wealth.

High-touch service. One of the largest wealth management firms across the globe, UBS is built on a 150-year tradition of serving generations of the world’s wealthiest individuals and families. This dynamic presence provides us with extensive reach and the advantage of the firm’s global perspective, insights and resources.

A full range of services. Our aim is to be helpful in every aspect of your financial life:

Wealth management

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment selection
  • Allocation design
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitor/review/rebalance
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Education funding
  • Concentrated stock positions
  • Cash management

Family and legacy management

  • Family advisory services
  • Business succession planning
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Trust services
  • Charitable trusts and philanthropic services


  • Securities-backed lending
  • Mortgages
  • Credit/debit cards


  • Life insurance
  • Annuities
  • Long-term care


Creating your legacy

Creating a legacy that lasts

Building an investment plan

Building an investment plan