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Focus Wealth Management offers a highly personalized approach that helps you simplify the challenges that come with protecting, growing and transitioning wealth. Providing an individualized experience, our disciplined process focuses on helping you define and achieve your goals wherever you are in life.

With the knowledge and understanding that comes from decades in the industry, our team is dedicated to providing timely guidance for the full cycle of your personal and business needs. Our integrated process works to harmonize all aspects of your financial life and protect the lifestyle you have so carefully built. We promise to help provide:

  • The comfort and confidence that comes from a team who truly cares about you
  • The accountability of a global network of financial professionals dedicated to each generation of your family
  • The highest level access and service, combined with the full resources of a global research and investment leader
  • The results that come from a formal financial plan that helps us define success together so you stay on track


How will you support the nuanced needs of my situation?

We don’t follow a standardized approach to wealth management. Our solutions are tailored to the families and business owners we work with.

We provide personalized service to a select number of clients. With a specific focus on the needs of retirees and business owners, we have the experience and expertise necessary to handle your complex financial situation.

By helping to make sure your assets are optimized from a return standpoint and that risk is minimized, we focus on income generation and wealth preservation so you can maintain your lifestyle.

We'll help with:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Retirement income planning
  • Risk management
  • Trust and estate planning strategies
  • Tax minimization strategies

Business owners
We keep an eye on minimizing taxes and maximizing your wealth by providing advice that integrates both your personal and professional lives.

We work together to focus on:

  • Optimizing joint corporate and personal balance sheet
  • Corporate credit
  • Advisory services
  • Employee retirement benefits
  • Insuring against risk
  • Succession and legacy planning

“Whether you’re building a business or protecting your lifestyle in retirement, you deserve a team of dedicated professionals who share your vision and earn your trust.”

— Jim Mahoney


How will you integrate all aspects of my financial life into one plan?

A fully coordinated plan considers all aspects of your personal and business life, your estate goals and your asset protection concerns.

We leverage our team’s extensive experience to structure a comprehensive “life plan” focused on all aspects of your financial world that may need to adapt and change as you face new opportunities and challenges. We’ll communicate regularly and track your plan’s performance, making adjustments for life changes and economic conditions.

Your life plan
A comprehensive plan helps you and your family define what success looks like, at all stages of life. That’s the first step in achieving it.

Our approach incorporates trust and estate planning strategies, retirement modeling, cash flow and spending analysis, education planning and asset protection. We work diligently with your advisors, both traditional and nontraditional, to help ensure a fully integrated wealth management plan that optimizes all of the tools at our disposal. This includes:

Asset management
Through our comprehensive due diligence and planning process, we can determine your family’s goals, growth and income needs, and tolerance for risk. This allows us to craft an asset allocation that maintains an opportunistic eye toward investments and changes in the market.

Liability management
Wealth planning takes into account both sides of your balance sheet–assets and liabilities–to understand your entire financial picture. For those looking to access liquidity, we have competitive financing solutions based on a fundamental belief that borrowing should be no less strategic than investing.

Transition management
We are trusted to deal with our clients’ most sensitive financial issues, whether that means planning for a growing family, educating and protecting future generations, transitioning to retirement, managing the financial impact of a divorce or the loss of a loved one or planning an estate.

“We focus on financial planning for a very simple reason: our entire practice is dedicated to looking at the big picture and helping you realize your life goals.”

— Peter H. Foley, Jr.


How will you help me grow and protect my wealth?

As discretionary portfolio managers, we tailor your asset allocation and risk management to your unique situation. We’ll help make sure you are prepared for opportunities and protected in times of market turbulence.

Our direct access to global resources offers timely perspectives, customized investment planning and a fully-integrated suite of financial solutions.

Customized portfolio management
We are part of UBS’s Portfolio Management Program (PMP), a select group of financial advisors who are qualified to offer discretionary dayto- day management of your assets based on training, experience and commitment to client service. Our distinction stems from our ability to transcend the capabilities of the traditional financial advisor and bring institutional analysis and investment management to you.

Risk management
By listening and aligning with your objectives, we focus on strategies that help mitigate risk and build diversified portfolios. As we implement your investment strategy, we communicate regularly and track performance, rebalancing and making adjustments for life changes and economic conditions.

Safeguarding multigenerational wealth
Because we understand the connection between wealth and family, we’re committed to having a multigenerational impact on your life. Attuned to protecting the financial independence of your entire family, we can help structure a deliberate and meaningful family legacy and direct capital to reflect your values.

Fiduciary responsibility
When we take on discretionary management of your portfolio, we are clear about our fiduciary obligation and acknowledge our responsibility in writing.

Open access
We make investment decisions objectively and deliberately, without any conflicts of interest. We consider all investment vehicles as potential tools for building a customized investment portfolio using a disciplined product selection process

Research and analysis
Through CIO Wealth Management Research, our global research organization, we offer our clients the latest in market research and financial insights.

Learn more about our asset allocation process and capabilities

“We pride ourselves on matching your goals and objectives with a highly personalized investment strategy.”

— Trey Mahoney


How will we work together?

By offering high-touch service, our goal is to simplify your financial life with a broad professional network and a consistent approach to managing your wealth.

We bring together the boutique services of a dedicated team with the global resources of one of the world’s largest wealth management firms.

Simplifying your life
Whether you’re a time-stretched business owner or a risk- and tax-aware retiree, simplifying your life is critical so you can focus on the things that are most important in your life

Customized client service
Responsive and attentive, we have built long-lasting relationship by providing comprehensive service for a host of financial and administrative needs. Our entire team is highly accessible, offering consistent communication, personal touch points and ongoing reviews.

Bringing together the best resources
We are trusted by our clients to work directly with their accountants and estate attorneys. This close relationship with your other advisors, as well as our network of financial experts, means we can incorporate all perspectives into one integrated approach.

UBS is a global powerhouse
With a heritage spanning more than 150 years, UBS is one of the world’s leading wealth management firms. Beyond the deep resources of our investment, banking and asset management businesses, we deliver the global perspective, diverse strategies and relevant guidance to help you move forward with confidence.

  • Wealth management at our core
    Private, corporate and institutional clients throughout the world count on the wealth management expertise of UBS.
  • Stability and leadership
    UBS’s solid long-term credit ratings and strong BIS Basel III common equity Tier 1 (CET1) ratio is one of the highest among large global banks.

“Our entire team is committed to providing the kind of personal service that builds long lasting relationships.”

— Lori Dejesus

Jim Mahoney has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2018
  • Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2014-2018
  • Barron’s Top 1,000 Financial Advisors, 2009-2013

Trey Mahoney, III has been recognized as an industry leader

  • On Wall Street Top 40 Advisors Under 40, 2020
  • Forbes Top 250 Next-Gen Wealth Advisors, 2019
  • UBS Top 35 Under 35, 2019
  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2020

Peter Foley, Jr. has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2020

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Planning for the lifestyle you want

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