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What is our top priority at Gateway Wealth Management? Helping our clients—a select group of successful families, entrepreneurs and corporate executives achieve the goals that matter most. How do we do it? Through sophisticated wealth management and strategic exit and transition planning, we help you navigate the financial maze that often comes with major life change—from the investment and liquidity challenges of transferring ownership of your privately held company to divorce and retirement.

As a team that includes a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PlANNER™, Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM and Certified Investment Management Analyst®, our competence, experience and network of experts run deep. We look forward to delivering the advice you need to transition confidently and to make well-informed decisions for your business, your family and your future.

Advice for your evolving life and wealth

We believe that when it comes to helping you make important decisions about your current and long-term financial well-being, planning should always be our starting point. We have the insight and experience to guide you as you undertake each important milestone throughout your lifetime.

Business sale and succession

The decision to exit your business is never an easy one. That’s why we encourage our clients to bring us into these discussions early on, given the complexity of the transition and the dynamics and emotions that may affect your choices. Our priority is to access all of the resources you may need to pursue your wealth planning, liquidity and legacy goals, whether you are looking to transition your business to family members, business partners, your employees, strategic or financial buyers, or charity.

In collaboration with specialists across the firm, as well as external relationships with attorneys, accountants and consultants, we can connect you with support and guidance throughout the life cycle of your business—from growth and expansion to pre- and post-sale liquidity management.

“With my exit planning experience, I truly understand how to take business owners comfortably through the “owner to investor” transition.”

— Andrew Kittelson, CEPA, CIMA®


Divorce and separation

Financial planning is key to helping you navigate the financial and legal hurdles during the difficult periods of separation and divorce. Our team’s Certified Divorce Financial Anaylst  can help you:

  • Determine cash flow and income needs
  • Assess pensions and retirement plans
  • Clarify the tax consequences of different settlement proposals

From healthcare to insurance planning to retirement and estate planning strategies, we’ll work with you as advocates and educators to help you make decisions that are right for you.

“Financial and emotional issues quickly become intertwined during divorce. I work with my clients to help them clarify, understand and plan for what they want and need.”

— Candace A. Cline, CFP®, CDFA™

Multigenerational plannning and wealth transfer

You want the next generation to have enough to do anything they choose, but how much is too much? Will your children accept the financial responsibility you’ve given them? We can help you find the answer to those questions.

For us, it’s about understanding the dynamics among family members, inheritance and legacy, and then creating the right wealth transfer solution for your family. Our focus is to design a comprehensive estate planning strategy that addresses your short- and long-term goals and helps ensure the success you’ve built continues on for generations.


Retirement income planning

These days retirement doesn’t mean “old.” UBS research tells us that 9 in 10 working investors under 65 believe they will go through multiple distinct phases of retirement, which, together, may last as long as 30 years. Over time, your income needs will likely change, particularly during the later years when healthcare expenses could escalate.


We will explore the full spectrum of your retirement income needs and goals and provide strategies for helping you plan financially and confidently for life after work.

“Our process begins with an analysis of what you will need to achieve and maintain the retirement lifestyle you’ve earned.”

— Guy E. Cline, CRPC®

Executive wealth strategies

Many of our clients are senior executives who work for public firms. They frequently have a number of planning needs that result from significant stock awards. Our team can help you navigate highly concentrated positions or restricted securities that may be subject to Rule 144.

Whether you’re managing a restricted stock award, executing stock options or selling shares within a corporate window, our objective is to simplify the process and ultimately your financial life.

Our process and what we deliver to our clients


Using debt to achieve wealth planning

Using debt for wealth planning

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Is your network secure?