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Your success has brought you to a crossroads. Building wealth remains a key goal. But you may now be considering how to preserve what you’ve built—and leave an enduring legacy for the next generation. It’s time for a more sophisticated approach to your financial life, led by highly skilled professionals. We are an experienced wealth management team that offers full service to highly successful individuals and families.

Our multigenerational group of professionals is designed to evolve with your life stages and your family’s needs. We provide a level of personal attention and care that goes beyond financial matters to encompass all aspects of your journey.

“While we manage your wealth, we understand that we are dealing with more than money. The end result is to make a difference in your life and the life of your family.”

— Michael A. Giacone

Michael Giacone has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, New York, 2018, 2019, 2020


The personalized service you would expect from an experienced team

Our primary goal is to ensure that you feel supported— in all matters, financial and otherwise. Our team structure puts you at the center of everything we do.

While we manage your wealth, we understand that we are dealing with more than money. The end result is to make a difference in your life and the life of your family.

We work for you and always keep your best interests at heart. Our entire team is highly accessible, offering consistent communication and ongoing reviews.

Call us when you need something, and we will be there.


A valuable network of people and resources

We maintain strong relationships with professional services providers such as accountants, attorneys and other licensed professionals with complementary skill sets. You can leverage this extended network to round out your wealth management plan.

Talk to us about the additional resources we can access on your behalf. We can connect you with highly respected legal and tax advisory firms. Our strategic partners at O’Leary Partners offer experience with investment banking and real estate investing.

Our referral relationships allow us to broaden our offering and better support you, giving you more confidence in the future.


Your financial plan dictates every investment decision

To help manage your wealth, we have to know you well. We begin our relationship by meeting in person to learn about your goals, dreams and concerns. Only after we have a plan in place can we begin to consider how to invest your portfolio.

  • Financial Goal Analysis (FGA)*
    A customized assessment of your current financial situation, which helps create a road map for the future
  • Education planning
    Plans built to help fund the education of the ones closest to you
  • Retirement planning
    Strategies to prepare for the lifestyle you envision
  • Long-term care planning
    Planning solutions for the rising costs of health insurance, extended care and assisted living
  • Estate planning strategies
    Trust structures, lifetime gifts and insurance planning
  • Philanthropic services
    Integration of philanthropy into your overall financial plan
  • Liquidity event management
    Planning and managing the complex process of a liquidity event


Customized portfolios based on your priorities

Your portfolio managers and your Financial Advisors are one and the same. We employ a rigorous and disciplined wealth management process with a focus on strategic risk aversion. Our team of active portfolio managers and in-house investment strategists offer a range of skills and specialties to meet all of your investment needs.

  • Portfolio management
    All of the investment decisions for your portfolio are made by our team, in our office. Our team includes in-house investment strategists, and we conduct our own fundamental and quantitative research.
  • Risk mitigation
    Have you thought about your “exit strategy” if market volatility gets past your comfort zone? Listening and aligning with your goals, we focus on investment strategies that help mitigate risk and build diversified portfolios across asset classes.
  • Product analysis
    We consider all investment vehicles as potential tools for building a customized investment portfolio using a disciplined product selection process. We make all investment decisions objectively and deliberately, without any conflicts of interest.
  • Intuitional capabilities
    We are qualified to handle the complexities of both your personal as well as your professional finances. Offering guidance on 401(k) services, pension plans, stock option plans or cash balance plans.


Protecting your legacy

We view insurance not only as a tool to protect from the financial consequences of unforeseen events, but as a mechanism to help protect assets, replace income and create a legacy for future generations. We are licensed to objectively analyze current and future policies.

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Fixed and variable annuities


A full spectrum of financial services

We provide access to UBS’s global platforms to address both sides of your balance sheet with sophisticated credit and lending solutions.*

  • Mortgages
  • Securities-based lending
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Business development
  • Luxury asset lending
  • Commercial real estate lending
  • Personal credit management


Planning for the future

Planning for the future

Creating a lasting and positive impact

Creating a lasting and positive impact