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“We view each client’s entire financial picture as a puzzle, and the way we put all the pieces together is problem-solving at its best. We use all the resources of our team to deliver comprehensive solutions.”

— Bill Greco

The Greco Wealth Management Group provides personalized wealth management and financial planning services to executives of public corporations and their families. For over 25 years we have been helping busy executives understand the complexities and benefits of their corporate compensation plans and how to manage them in a way that enhances their overall financial well-being. In addition, we work closely with corporations to manage their equity-based compensation plans using comprehensive strategies we helped pioneer at UBS.

Our Team

Founded in 1992 by Managing Director William J. Greco,The Greco Wealth Management Group has grown to eight investment advisors supported by a team of committed client service associates.

Our unique structure offers clients a one-on-one relationship with a dedicated financial advisor while our process offers ongoing access to the intellectual capital and experience of our entire team. In that way, we treat you as an individual and we foster an environment that keeps you engaged and educated in the manner most appropriate to your needs and situation.

  • Representing over 100 years of combined financial planning and investment experience
  • More than $4 billion under management1
  • Bill Greco ranked as one of the Top 100 Financial Advisors in America by Barron's for the past sixteen years
  • Bill Greco ranked as one of the top 100 Wealth Advisors by Forbes in 2016 - 2019

Greco Wealth Management Group is proud to have been recognized as an industry leader

  • Ranked in Barron’s “Top 50 Private Wealth Advisory Teams” 2019
  • Bill Greco was named to Barron’s Hall of Fame Advisors in 2019
  • Bill Greco was named Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisor in the U.S. 2019, 2020
  • Bill Greco was named Forbes Top 250 Financial Advisors in the U.S. 2019

How we work

Our approach is comprehensive: we gather insights about your unique personal and financial situation so that we can build an individually tailored plan.

At the same time, we understand that exemplary service is essential to a successful relationship. Our team has developed a systematic client service strategy driven by technology and a dedicated support staff to proactively manage the relationship we build with you.

Click through each stage of our financial planning process to learn more about the experience you deserve

Learning about you

  • Your family
  • Career aspirations
  • Current financial state
  • Important priorities and concerns

Helping you establish your objectives

  • Retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Risk tolerance
  • College tutition needs
  • Ability to afford your passions

Laying out your financial puzzle

  • How am I positioned today?
  • How can I achieve my objectives?
  • How much risk am I taking?

Family legacy and leadership

  • Proposing solutions
  • Strategies with the potential to best achieve your objectives with the least amount of uncertainty

Keeping you on track

  • Follow a customized communication plan to engage in periodic reviews
  • Adjust your strategy whenever necessary
  • Monitor your progress towards goals

What we do

Learn more about our services

Wealth management
  • Portofolios that provide income, growth and downside protection
  • Tax planning strategies
Single stock risk management
  • Create disciplined sale plans
  • Monitor performance of company stock
Retirement planning
  • 401(k) analysis
  • Pension analysis
  • Social Security maximization
  • Deferred compensation
Credit liquidity
  • Tailored lending
  • UBS credit lines
  • UBS mortgage*
  • Margin lending
  • Policy review
  • Needs analysis
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Long-term care
Estate planning
  • Family wealth transfer
  • Estate tax minimization
  • Efficient charitable giving

What’s special about UBS

With a 150-year history, UBS is connected to the global economy like no other wealth manager, uniquely integrated into cultures, markets and economies around the world.

The Greco Wealth Management Group’s advantage is exceptional boutique service with the unmatched global resources of UBS, that can help you take full advantage of new opportunities.

  • Representing over 100 years of combined financial planning and investment experience
  • #1 Wealth Management Services1
  • #1 U.S. Executive Services1
  • Best capitalized bank among our peers2

Five reasons we should have a conversation today

  1. Equity compensation is complex, we can help you understand it
  2. You’ve worked hard for your money, now we can help your money work harder for you
  3. You benefit from the resources of one of the world’s largest wealth management firms
  4. With the market changing day by day, the time is now to have an experienced wealth manager on your side
  5. We want to see you achieve your goals as much as you do

Let's talk.

William Greco
Managing Director – Wealth Management
Corporate Stock Benefit Consultant


Hartford Steam Boiler Building | One State Street, Suite 1600 | Hartford, CT 06103


Planning for the lifestyle you want

Planning for the lifestyle you want

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Creating a legacy that lasts