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“Relationships are what matter most. I am passionate about getting to know my clients on a personal level. Only by getting to know them and developing a clear understanding about what is most important can I help them make the best choices and tailor solutions designed to meet their individual needs.”

— Jeffrey Hogue

My clients are busy executives, business owners, professionals and retirees who believe in growing and preserving their wealth in order to care for their families and attain the freedom that a financially secure retirement can bring.

Since 1993, I have had the privilege of serving my clients and helping them pursue their financial goals. My experience as a loan officer, private banker, investment manager and financial advisor provides me with a perspective that few others can offer. By bringing knowledge and skills gained from having worked in multiple disciplines, along with holding CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Certified Exit Planning Advisor designations, I am able to develop a clear understanding of how all the pieces fit together that make up your financial picture. My goal is to build a personalized financial plan based on your vision of the future, your time horizon and the needs of your family.

My team and I believe in providing comprehensive wealth management that goes well beyond investments. Our desire is to be the first call and resource for all financial matters. We are focused on assisting you with the various opportunities and challenges that come with growing and preserving your assets—everything from estate planning strategies to helping you preserve your wealth after a business sale. We have the vast resources and experience of UBS at the ready, but our relationship with our clients is deeply personal. What matters most to you is what matters to us.

Here’s how we can help build a strong financial future for you, your business and your family.

Planning for every priority

No matter what your needs, our team will create a personalized, flexible financial plan based on pursuing your goals.

Whether you are planning for retirement, buying a new home, saving for college or selling your business, we can develop a financial plan that will address it. Once we have your plan in place, we will help you navigate economic and market currents with a portfolio designed to address both risk and performance, making necessary adjustments along the way to provide you with the best chance of success.

Strategies for business owners, executives and professionals

We offer a complete suite of services designed to build, improve and the preserve value of your business.

Your business is most likely your largest single asset and represents far more than just the income it generates. While most advisors fail to recognize this, I know that your business means much more to you and your family. Drawing upon my own personal experience, I also know how important it is to have a well-designed plan and preserve the value you’ve created. Our team brings experience in providing lending services, structuring and funding buy-sell arrangements and ongoing cash management, as well as developing and implementing the right retirement plan for you and your employees. And, a financial advisor with the Certified Exit Planning Advisor designation, I can give advice when you decide to transition from your business, whether by outright sale to a third party, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) or transfer of ownership to a family member.

Empowering financially independent women

We take pride in empowering women and helping them navigate their financial future.

With women, on average, living longer than men and divorce rates still high, an estimated eight out of ten women at some point become solely responsible for their financial well-being.1 While women have made great strides over the years, we have also seen firsthand the challenges and opportunities they have encountered. That is why we have dedicated our practice to offering specific advice and guidance tailored to the needs of independent women including offering women-only seminars, with women guest speakers, on a variety of financial topics.

Bridging the gap with future generations

Our team is committed to helping you define and pass along your values and your legacy to those who matter most to you.

Whether it is estate issues, insurance questions, situations regarding blended families, planning for college, philanthropic strategies or simply providing education and resources to the next generation, our team is prepared to help. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you and your entire family now and in the future. Even when it comes to buying a new car or boat, remodeling a home or buying a new one, we are committed to providing you with service that anticipates and addresses all of your financial needs and goals.


Planning for the lifestyle you want

Planning for the lifestyle you want

Creating your legacy

Creating a legacy that lasts