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Today more than ever, it takes the right team to provide you with the planning and investment solutions that can steer you confidently toward your future. At The Keady Foard Montemagni Wealth Management Group, our entire practice is focused on delivering advice that thoughtfully addresses the important financial challenges facing you and your family—no matter what your life stage. Because we are a multigenerational team ourselves, each of us offers our personal insights and experience with a keen understanding of how priorities shift with time and age.

A diversified team. An integrated approach.
What we feel is really important, though, is the scope of our advice. We are a diverse team of planners, portfolio managers and retirement plan specialists who focus on each critical area of wealth management. We believe, our reputation for the breadth of our knowledge and the precision and methodology of our processes has earned us the respect of our professional clients—particularly attorneys and CPAs—throughout the country. Accessing the deep resources of UBS, our team is also well-positioned to deliver Advice. Beyond investing—our comprehensive planning and investing approach that helps ensure that you have the collaboration and resources you need to make well-informed decisions as your life and goals evolve.

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Planning that reaches across generations

Our team wants to learn everything we can about you because we always start with customized plan building and never a cookie cutter solution.

We’ll talk a lot about family, priorities and your personal definition of financial security. This information helps us design a road map—a plan that can turn overwhelming issues into manageable objectives. You can trust that your plan will be based on much more than investments—but on people and how we can work together to help you take care of those you love today—and for generations to come.

Investment management grounded in experience

When it comes to managing client assets, we focus on your long-term goals rather than simply chasing short-term spikes in performance.

We then determine an asset allocation that makes sense for those goals. Asset allocation and diversification are important components to structuring your portfolio, as they can help stabilize your investments when market conditions change. That’s why investment monitoring is so important. We do it on a regular basis, always checking in with what’s working or needs an allocation adjustment so your portfolio stays on track.

Relationships that always begin with you

Our clients know that we put them first at all times. That’s why we establish a consistent communication plan that is customized to your comfort level.

Should you have questions or concerns, we’re always available. At the end of the day, we understand that earning your confidence and trust requires integrity in all decisions. Simply, we want to help you succeed at every level of your financial life and we have the experience, understanding and commitment to support you each step of the way.

Our special focus on retirement plan consulting

We can help make your plan stronger and your employees more confident in their future.

With longer life expectancies, greater employee responsibility for retirement savings and increased governance over fees and investment processes, how do you manage the growing complexity of your plan while helping your employees address their needs and meet their goals? With our deep resources, experience and insight into the retirement plan industry, our team can work with you to address the unique objectives of your plan so you can make each fiduciary decision with confidence.

Learn about our retirement plan consulting service


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