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Our mission at The Keyser Group is to provide personalized private and corporate wealth management services customized to your needs. For over two decades, our experienced team has been dedicated to servicing business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and affluent clients of all backgrounds with advanced wealth planning. You benefit from our knowledge and experience to help simplify your financial life by offering comprehensive advisory services.

Our consultative approach helps to build strong relationships with clients by providing advice beyond investing. Financial advice is more important today than ever. The strong relationship helps our understanding of your unique needs at every stage of your financial life or career. Our wealth management focus is on you and your success.

“Clients seek our experience when making important decisions so they can spend more time doing what they love with the people they care most about.”

— The Keyser Group

Planning-based approach

Design a well-structured financial plan to help achieve your goals We are a planning-based team. As such, a comprehensive financial plan drives everything we do. At the start of a relationship, we look to learn all we can about you. By actively listening, we discover what’s important to you and work together to make a plan to help you achieve it.

With this personalized plan, we have a clear road map to help protect, grow and transition your wealth. Whether planning for retirement or transitioning assets to the next generation, a financial plan keeps us focused on what matters to you.

Discretionary portfolio management

Provide investment management strategies Our team provides a variety of strategies that enable us to build custom portfolios. As Portfolio Managers in the UBS Portfolio Management Program, we provide discretionary management of your investments and tailor your asset allocation to your unique situation.

Our customized portfolios are informed by our own investment experience, specialists in our Portfolio Advisory Group and intellectual capital from CIO Americas, Wealth Management research. With our team actively monitoring your investments, you have the time to focus on what matters most—your family, your business and the future.

A network of advisors

Integrated approach to your financial life
In today’s challenging financial environment, we believe it’s important to bring together the right professionals to address all your financial needs. Many clients simply don’t have the time to build their own team of external advisors and look to us for this support.

To this end, we have access to an extensive group of UBS attorneys, CPAs and insurance experts to help you plan for the future. We leverage the expertise and insights of this professional network to solve problems and simplify your financial life. With this expanded team, we look beyond your assets and integrate all aspects of your entire financial life.

It’s all about client service

Deliver an personalized client experience You are the focus of everything we do. With client service as a cornerstone of our practice, we build long-lasting relationships through a true commitment to first-rate service. Our clients think of us as their be-all and end-all when it comes to anything to do with their financial life.

Our deeply resourced client service team is always available to answer your questions and assist you with whatever it is you need. We care deeply about you and commit to going above and beyond what you might expect—so you can embrace your financial future with confidence.


We take pride in delivering exceptional service by putting your best interests first.


Building an investment plan

Building an investment plan

Using debt to achieve wealth planning

Using debt for wealth planning