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Understanding you means understanding your family, your values and what defines your vision for the future. That is why we actively listen, embrace your passions and offer advice that is essential to pursuing your goals.

We are a team of seasoned financial professionals, driven to bring real change for you, your business or your organization. Our goal is to help simplify your life so you have the freedom to fully assess your options, make wise financial decisions and move forward with confidence.

“When it comes to helping clients pursue their goals, our ears are our best resource.”

— Bud King, CFA®

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Private Wealth Management

The right connections
As Private Wealth Advisors within an exclusive division of UBS, we offer access to the entire global platform and resources of the firm. We bring an extensive network of professionals to the intersection of wealth management, estate planning and philanthropy.

Family Advisory and Philanthropy

We build long-lasting relationships by helping each generation prepare for the responsibilities that come with wealth. We understand the complexities of intergenerational wealth and the challenges that arise. We create actionable financial plans, investment strategies and provide educational opportunities to help meet your changing perspectives on wealth, your family’s lifestyle, and your financial priorities.

Our team will work with you and your family to provide advice and financial education including:

  • Advice on family decision-making.
  • Philanthropic planning.
  • Multigenerational financial education and literacy partnering with EverFi, the nation’s leading education technology company.

We can offer a series of digital, interactive personal finance courses for all ages. We hope to inspire meaningful dialog about important financial concepts and money - including establishing responsible monetary habits and planning. Business and generational transitions.

Estate Planning strategies

Careful estate planning is an ongoing exercise. We provide a set of tools and strategies to continually fine-tune your estate and legacy plan. This includes personal estate and philanthropic planning strategies, trusts and private foundations, and making tax and financial decisions. Thoroughly reviewing your family’s situation can uncover new opportunities to pursue your goals.

While our team leadership is highly sophisticated in the most complex tax strategic strategies, we use the UBS Advanced planning Group frequently. With access to former practicing estate planning attorneys and accountants with extensive private practice experience and diverse areas of specialization, we regularly evaluate how changes in the legislative and tax landscape might affect your wealth.

  • Wealth and succession planning in a whole family inclusive process
  • Estate planning strategies. We can work with your advisors or help you source specialized advisors vetted and not financially connected to our firm
  • Philanthropy situation can uncover new opportunities to pursue your goals. We can help you understand the tradeoffs in Community foundations, donor Advised funds or private foundations and other advanced philanthropic strategies.

Exit Planning

The majority of private business owners and entrepreneurs may not be familiar with all their exit options. Our team has the resources and network to help explore all possible options, including those you are not currently thinking about. By going through our exit planning process, you can assess if your business is ready and you are comfortable with the potential outcomes.

We can help you review all of your exit options, including a sale, and help you identify an ideal timing for an exit while preparing your family with thorough planning for life post-exit. Ideally, business owners should begin the process of selling a closely-held business a few years prior to the actual sale. We will work with you to consider the many factors that should impact your decision, such as timing of the sale, family dynamics, structure, and your team of advisors to assist in the transition. Making the decision to sell a business is never easy, but the timing of the sale can have a significant impact on the sale price. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable not only with your exit decision but also with a comprehensive financial plan post-exit.

During the exit planning process, we may engage the Family Offices Solutions Group. Many of our largest and most sophisticated clients, as well as their family offices, require bespoke and integrated advisory solutions. Whether they’re investing for a legacy that lasts for generations, pursuing successful business ventures or creating a philanthropic impact, they have all the resources all under one roof.

Comfortable with complexity

Whether we’re providing services directly or coordinating with your family office, we develop planning strategies that are unique to each family member and support your overall family vision.

Asset Allocation and Money Management

As a steward of your capital, your financial well-being is our priority.

This is an important time for investors to properly adjust expectations, rethink their risk appetites and diversify portfolios away from investments that rely heavily on passive one-way bets. True diversification is unlikely to be achieved by crowding into a standardized collection of asset classes; it is created using good judgement and the inclusion of professionals who are independent thinkers.

Clearly then, our team and UBS spend a great deal of time and effort helping you determine the ideal mix from the outset, balancing your individual objectives alongside a detailed personal risk profile. King Wealth Management then continuously monitors the ongoing results and will make recommendations where, and if, necessary as your plan unfolds.


Our clients have access to the unparalleled resources of the world’s largest wealth management firm, but with the look and feel of a small boutique shop. Our team collaborates with each of your advisors along with our own professional network of subject matter experts to bring you the very best that UBS has to offer.

At King Wealth Management, we make no assumptions about our clients. That’s why we commit to clearly understanding all you hope to achieve with your financial goals and beyond. Based on these insights, we deliver unbiased guidance and independent decision making and a comprehensive wealth planning strategy aligned completely with your interests and informed by sophisticated portfolio, tax, and risk management techniques tailored to your needs.

With our 9-person team, you will gain access to a deep bench of resources with over 200 years of combined industry experience and 3 generations of investment professionals. Our administrative and trading staff is second to none. Each member has different functions but they are all cross trained, so when sickness or vacation interferes, the wheels of commerce neither stop nor slow. Our clients can expect us to be responsive, thoughtful in our advice, and precise in our detail. You will hear from us regularly with updates and ideas—and are always welcome to contact us directly.

Corporate Retirement Planning

We understand both the incentive value of a retirement plan and the commitment required to administer the plan and address fiduciary responsibilities. Reviewing investments, carrying out day-to-day administrative tasks, and providing plan participant support and education can be very challenging. That’s why we offer an expanded level of assistance to help you meet these obligations.

King Wealth Management and UBS Retirement Plan Consulting Services can help you manage the complexity of your defined contribution retirement plan, while helping you serve the best interests of your participants. We deliver customized advice through a Plan Management Roadmap based on your priorities. Together, we can focus on pursuing the results that matter: Fiduciary Governance, Plan Health, and Retirement Readiness. Because we’re a consultant, you can take advantage of our services without needing to change your current recordkeeper. Our national presence and years of consulting experience give us a valuable perspective that goes beyond that of a traditional broker or financial advisor. In fact, many plan sponsors are turning to us for our unbiased investment advice as an ERISA fiduciary.

Bud King has been recognized as an industry leader

  • Forbes Top 250 Financial Advisors, 2019, 2020
  • Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, Missouri, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Forbes/SHOOK America’s Top Wealth Advisors, 2017, 2018
  • Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2016, 2017, 2018


A global leader
The global resources and open platform of UBS allows us to offer timely perspectives, customized investment management and a fully integrated suite of solutions.


UBS is the largest wealth manager in the world1


Among the best-capitalized large global banks


150 years serving many of the wealthiest clients around the globe


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