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At The LeDoyen Price Group, we leverage our diverse financial planning experience and strategic marketing insights to help private business owners and entrepreneurs thrive at every stage in their business lifecycle. Our Private Wealth Management team has the business transition expertise and comprehensive wealth management capabilities to help you build and preserve wealth for each generation of your family.

Listening and identifying your key challenges and opportunities is our priority as we develop your master plan. To this end, we focus on three areas:

  • Assessing and maximizing the value of your business well in advance of a transaction
  • Preparing you personally and financially for an eventual business exit
  • Prompting you to think about your next act and your passions for life after business

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Industry leadership from a highly experienced team

Van Price recognitions:

  • Financial Times Top 401 Retirement Plan Advisors, 2019
  • Barron's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
  • Barron’s Top Institutional Consultants, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015
  • Financial Times Top 400 Financial Advisor, 2018, 2015, 2014, 2013
  • Barron's Top 1,000 Financial Advisors, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
  • Top 100 Wirehouse Advisors, 2014

Private Wealth Management

How can you access the full resources of UBS?

As a team within the exclusive Private Wealth Management division at UBS, we connect you to the dynamic presence of one of the world‘s leading wealth managers. Private Wealth Advisors serve many of the firm‘s largest relationships, providing extensive reach and the distinct advantage of the firm‘s global perspective, insights and resources.

Families with significant wealth demand a flexible, customizable investment platform and an array of exclusive services. Our experience with family offices help us create continuity between family generations and delivers a structure that is focused on preserving wealth and seeking opportunities.

Advanced planning
Planning analysts regularly evaluate how changes in the legislative and tax landscape might affect your wealth:

  • Wealth planning
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Philanthropy

Portfolio Advisory Group
Exclusively dedicated to sophisticated portfolio structuring:

  • Advanced quantitative analysis
  • Proprietary research
  • Dynamic diversification
  • Custom asset allocation

Credit and liquidity solutions
Access through our extensive UBS Banking resources to innovative credit solutions:

  • Securities backed lending
  • Pre-IPO lending
  • Mortgages
  • Tailored financing

Family Advisory
This group offers solutions that extend beyond your portfolio, including:

  • Advice on family decision-making
  • Multigenerational financial education and literacy
  • Business and generational transitions
  • Wealth transfer

UBS Global Family Office
A highly specialized team dedicated to seamless integration for family offices:

  • Coordination between Wealth Management and the Investment Bank
  • Direct access to UBS bankers, traders and specialists
  • Business financing and advisory solutions

Business advisory

Are you actively maximizing the market value of your business?

Knowing who to work with can make all the difference. The LeDoyen Price Group has two Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPA) on our team who can help mitigate the risks that come with selling a business. Our process focuses on value acceleration. We help business owners take the guesswork out of selling their business, empowering control over how and when they exit.

We will help assess the attractiveness of your business to a third party and the readiness of your business to be sold. There is often a disconnect between perceived value and actual value—we will help compare you to a world-class business in your industry and identify the value gap.

We identify ways to mitigate risk in your business and then focus on value drivers, continually reassessing every 90 days with a set action plan and goals.

Many private business owners may not be familiar with all their exit options. At UBS, we have vast resources and a network to help explore all possible options, including those you are not currently thinking about.

Macroeconomic impact
There are macro factors outside of any business owners‘ control that will impact the timing of the exit. An emphasis on maximizing value at all times will drive more predictable results. This will minimize the macro impact, depending on your sector.

The unexpected
Are you prepared to have an answer to that unsolicited offer or that unexpected contingency? By thinking about an exit now and running your business as such, you will be ready for the unexpected.

Be prepared
Exit planning is simply good business strategy.

Pre-exit planning
By going through the exit planning process, you can ensure that the business is ready and you are comfortable with the potential outcomes. Because a vast majority of business owners have almost all of their net worth tied up in their business, execution is extremely important.

Tax planning
What deal structure will provide you with more tax benefits? Identifying the right strategy in consultation with UBS's trust and estate planning specialists and coordination with your CPA or tax professional can make a significant difference in the proceeds you take home from the sale.

Boutique Investment Bank Network
When considering how and when to unlock the underlying value of your business, access to professional advice that weighs both the personal and financial impact is critical.

Wealth planning

How do you prepare personally and financially for a successful business exit?

Not only do we focus on the readiness of the business, but we emphasize personal readiness when going through a business transition. What net proceeds figure do you need to sustain the rest of your life? Working together, as you transition in life or seek out new opportunities, we will help make key financial decisions much simpler.

Pre-liquidity planning
Beginning as early as possible, our process starts with critical pre-liquidity planning all the way through execution and closing. Prior to the transaction, we help you develop a personalized strategy to maximize the value of this event so you can confidently pursue your life goals post-sale.

Estate planning strategies
We will look at how the sale aligns with your personal estate planning goals and help to find opportunities to lower future estate tax burdens.

Tax planning strategies
Working with your CPA or tax professional to identify the right strategy can make a significant difference in the proceeds you take home from the sale.

We‘ll help you see how the sale might enable you to have a greater impact on the philanthropic causes that are meaningful to you and your family. Considering the right charitable vehicle, we will help you assess if a donor-advised fund or charitable remainder trust to generate an income tax deduction is right for you and your goals.

Post-liquidity wealth management
The right post-sale wealth management strategy can help you make a successful transition to the next phase of your wealth management journey. To help inform our recommendations about deal structure, valuation opportunities and tax considerations, we’ll coordinate with our network of both third-party and UBS experts in:

  • Trusts and estate planning strategies
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Private equity and debt financing
  • Family governance and education
  • Multigenerational planning

Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy.
Our approach can help you organize your financial life into three key dimensions: Liquidity—to help provide cash flow for short-term expenses, Longevity—for longer-term needs and Legacy—for needs that go beyond your own. Through the plan we create together, we can help you pursue what matters most today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Learn more - UBS Wealth Way fact sheet

Life after business

What passions do you want to pursue in your next act in life?

What are your passions now? If it‘s running your business, we can help put the right team in place to ease your involvement and increase the value to a third party. Are you eager for a new challenge beyond your business? The right post-sale wealth management strategy will help you make a successful transition to the next phase in your life journey.

Understanding your priorities
We offer solutions that extend beyond your portfolio, including advice on family decision-making, business and generational transitions, wealth transfer and family governance.

Family office services
We provide a dedicated organization to help bridge the generational gaps across a family. In addition, we can work with the UBS Global Family Office group to seamlessly integrate comprehensive wealth management with institutional-level business solutions for family offices.

Family governance
Through the UBS Family Advisory group, we offer extensive services on family decision-making, business and generational transitions, wealth transfer and family office governance.

Helping to preserve multigenerational wealth
When planning your estate or building your legacy, our team will work with you and family members to provide education on philanthropy and participation strategies for the next generation. In that way, you care for future generations and charitable organizations with the least possible tax impact and expense.

Institutional consulting

How can we help you with the investment guidance and fiduciary oversight you need for your organization and employees?

You will have direct access to an experienced team that aligns its experience and the strength of the firm with your organization's goals. Through a close working relationship, we take a hands-on approach and provide product-agnostic advice without any conflict of interest.

As an experienced team, we work with a sophisticated range of organizations to design, implement and monitor their investment programs. By accessing the intellectual capital of UBS, as well as its in-depth manager research capabilities, we combine global insights and analyses with an open architecture mix of managers and funds.

We work with:

Foundations and endowments
We are keenly aware of the different needs of nonprofit entities. In many cases, they have personal connections to philanthropic causes.

We offer a structured approach designed to help them better manage their pension funds and 401(k) plans, as well as their balance sheet assets and nonqualified plans.

Fiduciary responsibility

Fiduciary liability is a primary concern for many institutional clients. We acknowledge our responsibility in writing as defined in Section 3(21) of ERISA and will help you develop an investment process to address fiduciary obligations.

Outsourced CIO (OCIO)

Our team provides comprehensive investment services including Investment Policy Statement development, asset allocation, manager selection and implementation for a complete OCIO solution. We do this by focusing on three central tenets: risk focus, simplicity and efficiency.

Our team provides a broad, comprehensive range of services specific to your complex needs. Our services are transparent, direct and focused on outcomes while minimizing administrative burdens.

Our comprehensive investment solutions

Asset allocation modeling

  • Asset allocation studies
  • Asset and liability analysis
  • Spending policy evaluation and formulation
  • Strategic rebalancing and tactical positioning

Investment policy development and review

  • Portfolio objectives and risk tolerance (volatility)
  • Organizational values (incorporating SRI)
  • Time horizon, projected cash flows and spending policy
  • Governance structure and responsibilities

Investment manager and fund searches

  • Due diligence collaboration with UBS Investment Manager Research
  • Identification of appropriate and complementary investment managers and funds
  • Cost analyses

Ongoing consulting and performance measurement

  • Customized reports based on client format preferences
  • Trustee and fiduciary education
  • Philanthropic services
  • Custody and trust services
  • Coordination with other service providers (legal, accounting, etc.)


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