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“We provide the kind of trusted financial planning, fiduciary guidance and special needs support that builds long-lasting relationships.”

— Kevin McGrath

McGrath Consulting takes a team approach to helping individuals, families and trustees simplify the challenges that come with protecting, growing and transitioning wealth. We offer the experience to manage your complex financial needs and a commitment to understanding your goals wherever you are in life.

Backed by the extensive resources of UBS, we can help you to create a comprehensive, goals-based plan for managing and safeguarding wealth. We work with an entire ensemble of dedicated professionals, from experienced trust and estate specialists to experts in retirement, insurance and investments to make sense out of all the moving parts of your finances.

Financial planning

A goals-based approach

By gathering insights about your unique personal and financial situation, we can build an individually tailored financial plan. Then we track your plan’s progress, communicate regularly and make adjustments for life changes and economic conditions. The result is a collaborative, disciplined process that tackles your most complex financial needs.

Our goals-based wealth planning approach includes:

Retirement planning
Our team can work with you to protect your lifestyle and livelihood in retirement. We will help you understand such influences as risk and investment time horizon, evaluate your current asset allocation and help you maximize your Social Security benefits.

We view insurance as a tool to protect your family’s assets, replace income, and create a legacy for future generations and philanthropic beneficiaries. We objectively analyze all your current policies— including long-term care—to determine whether they meet current and future needs.

Intergenerational planning
We have the experience and the network to address the complexities of your advanced planning needs. We can help with protecting your assets, reducing estate tax exposure, transitioning wealth to future generations and pursuing philanthropic endeavors.

We’ll work with you and family members to provide education on philanthropy and participation strategies for the next generation. Our advice addresses your philanthropic mission statement as well as assessments of your current charitable goals, contributions and associations.

Special needs planning

For families with a loved one with special needs

For individuals, parents or guardians of a loved one with special needs, financial planning is of particular importance given the complexities and their unique legal, medical and financial concerns. It often requires planning for two generations, two lives—yours and theirs. Proper financial planning can enable you to provide a comfortable lifestyle for loved ones without unintentionally compromising their public benefit eligibility. Planning can help ensure proper arrangements for their continued care and financial support.

A team approach
We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with allied professionals advising your family as well as legal, tax, life care planning, care giving and medical professionals.

Academy of Special Needs Planners
Kevin F. McGrath, CFP® is a member of The Academy of Special Needs Planners. The Academy consists of special needs planning professionals such as attorneys, financial planners and trust officers that provide the highest quality service and advice to persons with special needs and to their families.

Serving fiduciaries

Financial support for trustees and conservators

More and more, family members and attorneys are taking on fiduciary responsibilities as a trustee or conservator. Our team works with fiduciaries to provide planning and portfolio management support to assist them in meeting fiduciary standards of care.

  1. Know standards, laws and trust provisions
  2. Diversify investment assets to fit your specific risk/return profile
  3. Prepare a detailed Investment Policy Statement
  4. Use “prudent experts” (money managers) and document your due diligence when selecting them
  5. Control and account for investment expenses
  6. Monitor the activities of all hired “prudent experts”
  7. Avoid conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions

Fiduciary responsibility
When your assets are managed in one of UBS’s advisory investment programs, we take on a fiduciary role and acknowledge our responsibility in writing.

Portfolio Management Program (PMP)
As active portfolio managers within UBS’s PMP, we offer discretionary day-to-day management of your assets. We’ll work with you in a one-on-one relationship to design and execute customized investment strategies.

Investment management

Building a strategy based on your priorities

When you work with us as a client, we help ensure you are prepared for opportunities and protected in times of market turbulence. As discretionary portfolio managers, we tailor your asset allocation and risk management to your unique situation.

A goals-based approach to money management
Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we allocate based on your cash flow needs and the specificity of your long-term goals:

  • The liquidity component provides cash for near-term spending
  • The longevity component provides asset growth and appropriate risk hedging to meet lifetime goals
  • The legacy component provides extra liquidity in case cash flow needs increase and directs assets to be passed on to future generations

A disciplined process focused on asset allocation
Through our comprehensive due diligence and planning process, we can determine your family’s goals, growth and income needs, and tolerance for risk. This allows us to craft an asset allocation that maintains an opportunistic eye toward investments and changes in the market.

Safeguarding multigenerational wealth
Because we understand the connection between wealth and family, we’re committed to having a multigenerational impact on your life. Attuned to protecting the financial independence of your entire family, we can help structure a deliberate and meaningful family legacy and direct capital to reflect your values.

Proactive service

Simplifying your financial life

McGrath Consulting serves a limited number of clients, delivering world-class service. Exceptional service is essential to a successful relationship. Accessible and responsive, we always strive to provide the utmost in personalized service.

Trusted client service

We focus on providing:

  1. Intergenerational planning
  2. Prompt response
  3. Scheduled monthly contacts with quarterly reviews and two in-person meetings annually

A network of resources
McGrath Consulting works closely with your accountants, attorneys and other trusted advisors as well as our network of financial specialists within and outside of UBS. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with allied professionals.

The strength of UBS
With a heritage spanning more than 150 years, UBS is one of the world’s leading and largest wealth management firms. Beyond the deep resources of our investment, banking and asset management businesses, we deliver a global perspective, diverse strategies and relevant guidance to help you move forward with confidence.


Building an investment plan

Building an investment plan

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