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Maintain focus and prepare for the future. At Muirfield Wealth Partners, that’s how we work with you. We’re an experienced group of caring wealth managers who deliver what we believe families need most today—long-term financial planning and responsible investing to help them pursue what matters most.

As a multigenerational team, we not only offer continuity in our practice, but advice that you can relate to no matter what your age. That’s why we believe our clients, their parents and their children often choose to work with us for life. They respect our knowledge and they value our genuine understanding of the challenges they face each day as they work, raise families and plan for milestones. From clarifying your retirement strategy to choosing the right insurance coverage, we welcome your questions. Backed by the strength, stability and global resources of UBS, we’ve never been better positioned to help you find those answers, protect those you love and enjoy the future you’ve earned.

Multigenerational financial and life planning

To us, planning is the foundation of every successful client relationship. That’s why we begin with in-depth conversations to help us gain a clear understanding of what’s important to you and your family today and where you see yourself in 5, 10 or 20 years. We focus on your needs, concerns and priorities in addition to your current financial assets and liabilities. From those findings, we can then develop a more formalized plan—your custom road map for moving forward no matter what your life stage or milestone you hope to achieve.

Our Planning+4® process ensures that we’ll meet with you four times annually to update you and discuss your progress toward your most important goals.

Purpose-driven life planning: Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy.

Whatever your financial priorities or the concerns that keep you up at night, we’re here to listen, understand and recommend a planning solution that can get you to the place you need to be. We start by creating a framework around three key financial objectives, what we call the “3Ls”: Liquidity, Longevity and Legacy.

We believe our 3Ls approach helps you invest with a sense of purpose, can improve your results, and most important, offer more financial and emotional security.

This strategy is designed to provide a steady income stream for the next three years, continuously and over time—usually for general living, entertainment, taxes or purchasing a home. When you’re working, your employment income typically meets these day-to-day spending needs. If you’re retired, your Liquidity strategy may include your Social Security, pension, bond income and cash.

This strategy includes all of the assets you and your family will need four years from now and throughout your lifetime. It accounts for all of your retirement needs, your future earnings potential, healthcare and long-term care expenses.

Assets in the Legacy strategy are designed to meet all the needs beyond your own, including giving to family and philanthropic organizations—either now or in the future. This strategy serves as a guide for estate planning and a portfolio that is typically invested fairly aggressively since you have a much longer time horizon.

Multigenerational family strategies

Having been with many of our clients for years, even decades, we’ve found that family is at the core of what they value above all else. Often self-made, our clients want certainty that after a lifetime of work, their families will be OK when they are gone. Because we understand the dynamics of family decision making and these wealth transfer and legacy concerns, we can help you build a comprehensive road map for moving forward—with clarity.

As a multigenerational team with experience that spans several decades, each of us has worked successfully with members of our clients’ families—grandparents, parents and children. In fact, we’ve intentionally structured our team across generations to further our reach.

To us, the true measure of success is the positive impact it can make in the lives of those you care about most. We’ll dive into your deeper concerns about the future. Our goal is to shoulder some of the responsibility of helping protect and preserve your wealth and legacy. That includes providing education and information to help prepare your children for the responsibilities that come with inherited wealth in the years to come.

Our relationship. All of UBS.

Are you ready to pursue your goals and the peace of mind you deserve? At UBS, we believe we can offer you the advice, services and solutions you need to feel more confident about the future and the financial well-being of your family, your business, and for our corporate clients, your company’s benefit programs and employees. It’s what we deliver to our clients every day—Advice. Beyond investing.

We not only have the knowledge and experience to address all of your wealth management needs. We have an industry-leading “tool box” of resources to help you:

  • Retire comfortably with an effective cash flow and income plan
  • Lower portfolio volatility by diversifying with alternative investments, if qualified
  • Reduce taxes with tailored estate planning strategies
  • Improve insurance and risk protection
  • Bring your philanthropic ambitions to life through donor-advised funds, private foundations and charitable trusts
  • Navigate the fiduciary and regulatory challenges of corporate benefits plans

Bill Cseplo, William Grové and Edward Snyder have been recognized as an industry leaders

  • Bill Cseplo, Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, 2019, 2020
  • William Grové, UBS /McDonald Investments/UBS Chairman's Council, UBS President's Council, Global Circle of Excellence since, 1992
  • William Grové, Barron's Financial Advisors Listings: Top 100, 2005, Top 1,000 in USA, 2009 to 2013, Top 1,200 in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018
  • Edward Snyder, Forbes Next-Gen Best-In-State Wealth Advisor, 2019
  • Edward Snyder, Forbes America's Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisor, 2018


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