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At OakRing Wealth Partners, we provide our clients with the knowledge and direction they need to help manage their complex financial lives. As a multigenerational team with diverse backgrounds and experience that spans several decades, we can work with our clients’ entire families. Grandparents, parents and children alike can benefit from our insight and guidance. In fact, we believe they may feel more confident about the future because we take the time to educate them and tailor a plan to help them pursue their goals.

We want you to benefit from our experience, knowing that we can apply our collective best thinking to address your priorities, anticipate your challenges and help protect your interests. Whether you’re investing for retirement, structuring your estate, transitioning from your business or evaluating long-term healthcare, you can count on us to deliver the vast resources of UBS—the world’s leading wealth manager to help you address those needs.

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Wealth planning for life transitions

Guiding you through changing times
We believe that our clients count on us most during major life transitions. We are caring advocates who can help you manage your planning and investing strategies, make tough decisions and move confidently through these periods of major change.

The decision to step away from your business is an enormously personal experience. Our team has extensive experience working with owners, potential buyers and their families from the initial planning stages to the close of the event.

We encourage our clients to bring us into these discussions early on because of the complexity of the transition and the dynamics and emotions that may underlie your choices. We will also advise you about the best strategies for helping you manage the proceeds to pursue future financial goals.

Retirement doesn’t mean “old.” UBS research tells us that nine in 10 working investors under 65 believe they will go through multiple distinct phases of retirement—ranging from a reduced work schedule to a relaxed, simpler life—which, together, may last 30 years. They expect their needs to vary during each phase—e.g., they will need more income early on, but appear to under- estimate the income likely required for all three phases, particularly the later years when healthcare expenses could escalate.1 We’ll help you plan and prepare for each phase of the retirement you’ve earned.

Thoughtful financial planning is key to helping you navigate the financial and legal hurdles during the highly stressful financial challenges of separation and divorce. Leah Dubberly, our team’s Certified Divorce Financial Planner (CDFA®), has the insight and experience to help you:

  • Understand the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property –equal division is not always equitable
  • Analyze pensions and retirement plans
  • Determine if you can afford the marital home, and if not, what you can afford
  • Recognize the tax consequences of different settlement proposals

We’ll work with you as advocates and educators, guiding you toward the next phase of your life.

Achieving balance after the death of a spouse, whether sudden or anticipated, is an overwhelming task. We’d like to work with you at this difficult time, and provide the advice and support you need map out the financial road ahead.

Understanding that the social changes and financial burdens of losing a partner can take a back seat to the emotional toll, our team has taken this journey with many of our clients. We can help guide you through the most important aspects of this new stage of life.

Many of our clients are senior executives who work for public firms. They frequently have a number of planning needs that result from significant stock awards. For example, our team can help you navigate highly concentrated positions that may be subject to Rule 144. We may also recommend hedging and lending strategies to help protect and enhance your positions, should you choose not to sell.

Multigenerational planning for families

Transferring your wealth, preserving your legacy and preparing the next in line
Our goal is to help you protect and preserve your wealth and legacy using appropriate cash flow and portfolio management strategies, as well as efficient tax structures such as trusts and philanthropic vehicles.

What is unique about your family? Do your children participate in discussions about joint family assets and inheritance? Understanding the dynamics of families and their wealth transfer concerns, we can help you build a comprehensive plan for transitioning assets to future generations. We can also help you engage with your loved ones in inheritance planning conversations, while helping prepare the next generation for carrying on your legacy.

Services and solutions for companies and nonprofits

Delivering executive and employee benefits, transiton plans and cash management
Whether you are a smaller start up, an established, multinational corporation or a nonprofit organization, our team offers a full complement of resources and professional insights to help your business improve efficiency, enhance productivity.

With our own deep industry experience, and access to a skilled professional staff and advanced technology platforms, we’ll provide you with customized equity compensation and retirement plan programs designed to help reward and retain your best talent. We can also recommend a number of tailored strategies to address your liquidity and cash management needs should transition event be on the horizon.

The financial quarterback you need today

Connecting all the moving parts of your financial world
We recognize that access to premier resources and opportunities is a priority for our clients. That’s one of the key reasons we’re here at UBS. But to our team, the personal relationship we build with you and your family is equally important. We believe you deserve and will receive the highest level of attention and service. From our focus on knowledge and education—yours and ours—to our commitment to being your “personal financial advocate,” we are a truly collaborative team that will work with your other professional advisors and deliver a trusted source of advice across all areas of your financial life.


UBS Retirement Plan Consulting Services

UBS Retirement Plan Consulting Services

Planning for the lifestyle you want

Planning for the lifestyle you want