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Successful families, business owners and corporate executives need sophisticated wealth solutions in a concise and actionable format. At Park View Partners, we help you manage the complexities of wealth, no matter where you are in life. For our team of highly credentialed financial advisors, financial planning is our starting point. After we have a comprehensive plan in place, we believe in “going deeper” to understand every facet of your financial life. Our clients count on us to execute on every aspect of their financial plan through every type of market environment.

Guiding multiple generations of families, our clients often choose to work with us for the long term. Whether it’s helping pre-retirees to plan and prepare for the retirement they’ve earned, working with corporate executives to navigate highly concentrated positions or managing complex compensation issues for executives, our clients value our expertise and deep understanding of their specialized needs.

“We work with you to craft a financial plan focused on your life’s goals. From there, we work together on solutions that are guided by advice you can trust.”

— Park View Partners

Why work with us?

  • We’re a boutique practice offering family office-type services
  • Our team of highly credentialed professionals holds these advanced designations: Chartered Financial Analyst®, Chartered Special Needs Consultant™, Chartered Financial Consultant*and Certification in Long-Term Care
  • With our access to the global resources of UBS, one of the world’s largest wealth managers, we offer you the firm’s broader perspective and insights
  • Located in the UBS New York City headquarters, we have access to the firm’s thought leaders and decision-makers

The first call you make

Quarterbacking the process

For most of our clients, we look to be the single point of contact— the one and only call for anything related to their financial life. We act as the financial quarterback, working in concert with your other trusted professionals, so you can feel confident about your whole financial picture.

Many clients simply don’t have the time to build their own team of external advisors and look to us for support. Because our team has strong relationships with an array of experts, both within and outside of UBS, we collaborate with an extended network of professionals and leverage their perspectives for your needs.

Our extended network of professionals

Planning-based approach

Financial plan is at the core

Everything we do revolves around a comprehensive wealth game plan. Our relationship with you begins with a thorough fact-finding process that gives us a better understanding of your goals, challenges and priorities.

What are you concerned about? What are your budgetary needs, from both an asset and liability perspective? We believe the more we know about you, the better advice we can deliver. From these in-depth conversations, we create a personalized plan and guide you through the process from recommendation to implementation. With specific action steps to help you address your most important short-term and long-term goals, we are here to see you through.

Retirement planning
Whether you’re approaching retirement or already there, we assess your current situation and help you shape the retirement you hope for. We guide you through the different phases of retirement with a plan that anticipates your evolving income needs.

Insurance strategies
With in-depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of insurance, from life insurance to disability and long-term care, we can help you evaluate whether your coverage is appropriate given your current and future needs.

UBS Your Wealth & Life
Long-term care

Tax planning
Given our planning background, we help clients with complex tax concerns on a regular basis. We understand the nuances of the changing tax landscape and work with you to ensure that your tax strategy supports your most important financial goals.

Estate planning strategies
We can help you create an estate planning strategy that makes sense for you and your family. From basic estate plan documents to advanced estate planning solutions such as trusts and family foundations, we work with you to ensure that your plan reflects your personal goals.

Tailored investment solutions

Designed to help you achieve your goals

Once we have a comprehensive financial plan in place, we’ll recommend an investment strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives. Whether you’re looking to build wealth for the future, preserve it for the next generation or create a tax-efficient giving strategy, we are well-positioned with time-tested advice and solutions.

Unbiased advice
We make investment recommendations objectively and deliberately, offering access to a full range of premium investment solutions—from within and outside of UBS. Because transparency of advice and pricing are critical priorities, our focus is always on your best interests and low-cost investment options.

Discretionary management
Many of our clients prefer to delegate the day-to-day management of their portfolios. As Senior Portfolio Managers in the UBS Portfolio Management Program, we offer discretionary management of your investments and tailor your asset allocation to your unique situation.

UBS House View
Investment Strategy Guide

Long-lasting relationships

Built around service that goes above and beyond

Exceptional value and service
The value and service we provide to our clients is what makes us most proud. Our clients choose to work with us because they value our relationship—and the fact that we are able to serve their financial needs deeply and broadly.

Beyond quarterly check-ins and staying in touch with what matters most, our clients know they can call any member of our team at any time with a worry or concern and it will be handled. We genuinely care about our clients, so much so that many consider us an extension of their family. Most important, we’re here to be the voice that helps you through life’s challenges—today and for generations to come.


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